Saudi Police saved 3 Saudis who were lost in the desert from imminent death

Arabia is a desert country. It has indeed developed yet there are desert places where there is neither food nor water. Many people such as shepherds and expats who do not know much lose their way and get stranded in the desert.

Many forgo their lives as the deserts are vast are there are no nearby facilities.  It is difficult to rescue those who are lost: even if complained timely as the deserts are vast and it becomes hard to access them.

Also, one does not know how to define the location as deserts are plain and have no pinpoints, roads, and streets. A similar incident took place recently when three Saudi men lost their way and ended up in the middle of a desert.

They got stranded at a desert dune located halfway between Riyadh and Makkah. The police claimed that the Saudi men were rescued after 6 hours of the prolonged search operation in the desert.

The three Saudi men were in a car when they lost their way in a desert at midnight. They got stuck in a desert dune. According to the police of Humiyat in Afifi in central Saudi Arabia, they were informed about the incident by the men themselves.

They called at around 1 am and told that they had lost their way. Upon inquiry, it was revealed that they were not aware of the exact location yet they knew that they got lost from about a distance of 80 kilometers to the East of Humiyat.

Upon this, the police organized a special team to search for these 3 Saudi young men who had lost their way in the desert. The team was to conduct a search operation in the desert through careful scanning. The team aimed at rescuing the three Saudi nationals safe and sound.

After a careful search operation that lasted for 6 hours, the search team could finally discover the three Saudi men. According to the reports, the men were found near their car which was half buried in the thick desert dune.

The police have declared that they found the men perfectly safe: luckily none of them were injured or hurt. The police have also assured that the three young nationals were transferred to a safe and secure place.

The men were luckily enough to have been timely rescued by the police’s search team. Also, it is great news that they are safe and sound! We would like to thank our police for being responsible and for their tireless effort.

They could have given up earlier yet they were honest to their duty. We salute you all! Also, we would like to recall the Authorities’ message for not holding adventures in the desert as it can be very dangerous.

Make sure you know the directions well and if you don’t take a guide with you. Be cautious while traveling. These men were indeed lucky, but not everyone is! Stay safe.

Source: Gulf News

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