Saudi Husband sets his Indonesian Wife on fire for demanding Divorce

Domestic violence is a familiar term for us, we might not give it as much importance as we do to other social evils, yet it is of great concerns. When a husband and wife constantly fight, it has negative impacts on children, mental health of both spouses and causes other social evils. In some cases, where fights get serious and are not remains verbal, there are physical damages as well!  Men are physically stronger than women: they are cases where men have beaten up their wives up to an extent of breaking their bones! In most cases, these fights are on minor reasons that could have been solved through negotiation and small compromises.[irp]

A case that shocked everyone was that of a husband setting his wife on fire! An Indonesian female has lodged a complaint against his husband claiming that he had set her on fire. The wife was fed up from husband’s addiction to drugs and demanded a divorce. Being under influence of drugs, he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire which caused her face, scalp, eyes, back, and hands to burn. The lady has been married to the man for twenty years and both have 2 sons from their marriage. When the wife got irritated by husband’s drug intake, she asked for a divorce which eventually made him so angry that he tried to kill her. The lawyer’s committee at the National Committee for the Care of Prisoners and Their Families has taken the case of the Indonesian wife against his Saudi husband.

Accordingly, a team will be formulated which will be her representative at the court. According to the head of the lawyer's committee Ashraf AL Siraj, a team has already been formulated. It consists of lawyers and consultants. These lawyers and consultants shall be her representatives at the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. The representative lawyers for Indonesian wife are Siraj Surrati, Halah Hakim, Nisreen Al-Ghamdi, Hanouf Al-Rab’ and Mowafaq Kamil Shaffi.

The committee shall work until the woman is served with justice. The woman is alive as she was able to escape the fire however she had her 15% of body burnt. Reports revealed that she faced second-degree burns. The justice shall be upheld. No matter what the fight was upon, the husband had no right to make an attempt to take her life! Men shall understand that their physical strength shall not be used to beat up their wives or even kill them! Women are not created physically weak so that men can overrule them![irp]

The man shall be given severe punishment so that people can realize that violating female’s right is a great issue! Hope the Indonesian woman gets well soon and hope justice will be served!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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