Saudi Employer sponsors Wedding and Honeymoon of her Housemaid

Rights of Domestic Workers in Islam

A maid or housemaid is a female person who works and provides household service. She does typical household tasks such as food preparation, ironing, washing the clothes, cleaning the house, daily shopping and taking care of children. 

In Islam, the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) supported and advised people to release their slaves by announcing that it is an act of utmost virtue and an act by which sins are excused. Moreover, he instructed everyone not to treat them like animals.

He explained that one should take care of their basic needs, like foodstuff and clothing in a justifying way. He always emphasized the Muslims that they will be punished if they fail in taking care of their servants and slaves.

Employer sponsors wedding and honeymoon of her housemaid

On Friday, a Saudi woman in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, hosted the marriage ceremony of her housemaid. The owner looked after all the expenses of the marriage and the bride. She welcomed all the friends of her housemaid and even presented the couple with a honeymoon present.

Photos and videos of the marriage were posted on the Snapchat account of one of the attendees of the marriage, social activist, Zahra Al-Muabi. She was an Asian bride and was getting wedded to an Asian man. The maid was dressed in bridal white costume and her eyes were full of tears of joy that fell down on her cheeks.

3530 Saudi Employer bears expenses of Wedding and Honeymoon of her Housemaid

The Saudi woman, the boss of the maid, showed a real act of kindness which exceeds all the boundaries of social and racial discrimination. She is a source of motivation for many others to follow her gentleness. 

Usually, the media focuses on features and shocking stories of emigrants being badly treated by their sponsors but this is not always the truth. This is not the real Saudi society, as said by Umm Sultan.

She also said that it is not exceptional for Saudi women to enjoy and celebrate special occasions with their maids and servants. Many of them are very loving and kind hearted. It is a very honorable moment for the Saudi woman who supported the marriage of her maid. She definitely deserves this honor and respect.

The last words of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W – be good with your servants

People should be soft and polite kindhearted to their servants. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W highlighted this to such a level that the last words said by the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) at the time of his death were: Perform Salah (the prayers), Perform Salah (the prayers) and fear Allah with regards to your slaves and servants, stated by Hazrat Ali (R.A.).

Abu Hurairah (R.A.) reported that the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) said: Foodstuff and clothes are among the rights of the servants and he should not be given a job which is beyond his power and capability. This shows the primary rights of slaves and servants that one should fulfill their necessity for food and clothing for humanity and should be lenient in giving any task to them.

Source: Saudi Gazette