Prince Saud arrested on the orders of King Salman for torturing normal citizens

Power is misused most of the times: Sometimes when people are given power and authority, they tend to misuse it. They believe they can do anything they want and they won’t be held accountable for it.

This is a worldwide phenomenon, some powerful people tend to use their powers to oppress others and get involved in inhumane activities. Power, authority, and status are sometimes misused by those who owe it.

Prince Torturing Saudi Citizens: An unfortunate event also took place in Saudi Arabia where a prince used his powers wrongfully. A few days ago from now, a video went viral where a Saudi prince along with some of his associates was seen abusing citizens.

Not only the victims were verbally abused but also they were physically harmed by using guns. The guns were used to frighten people or to beat them up with. The blood was spotted on the victim's clothes as well. 

This is a brutal and cruel act undertaken by a Prince. He had no right to abuse someone like this. The video went up on social media and people started sharing it with a message that such activities and that too by a Prince are simply not acceptable. 

The prince has been identified as Prince Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz. People were of the view that the Prince should not have done this.

His powers are not meant for this very purpose. Is he made a prince to openly frighten others, abuse them and physically harm them? Is this his duty? Justice was the call.

If Prince Saud Bin Abdul Aziz has committed the crime, which is very clear in the video, he shall be made accountable for it. He should be arrested and be answerable for his actions. He should face punishment for his unjust behavior.

The King assured irrespective of the fact that Saud is a Prince, he is accountable for his acts. A law must hold everyone equally: if he is found guilty he shall be punished.

Hearing the news and getting its conformity, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, issued a legal notice ordering the arrest of Prince Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz and his associates involved in an unjust act.

Saudi Prince has been arrested: The royal prince, therefore, is arrested. According to the notice issued by The King, the Prince and his associated cannot be set free until the court hearings are completed and the matter is finalized. 

So the prince s to be in Jail until the court gives out a verdict after viewing the matter. Recommended: “Even I am not above Law” – Says Saudi King

As much as we are disappointed by Prince Saud Bin Abdul Aziz’s behavior, we are very much glad at the decision of King Salman.

We hope that the justice will be upheld and we would be proudly proclaiming that Saudi Arabia is a country where your status cannot allow you to be unjust. we hope that the courts will give out a sentence that will reflect justice!

Source: Arab News