Ministry of Labor launches KAWADIR Job Portal for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched a website named as Kawadir Labor Job. The very purpose of this initiative is to restrict the overseas recruitment of expats. These expats include those who are in the Kingdom but their organizations or employers do not require their services anymore. Now employers can transfer their un-required employees to other organizations that require them. This way the human resource can be used efficiently. Companies can now appoint those high skilled labors whose current organization are not in need of their services anymore.  Since the launch of this program by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, more than 700 companies have been reported to respond to it.  Reports suggest that within a time span of only one month, more than 2200 CVs and resumes have been uploaded by more than 700 companies.[irp]

These are the CV’s of those workers who are highly skilled yet their services are no more required by their current organization. This is indeed a great initiative to effectively use all our available human resource. The service transfer program also allows expats to get a new (and maybe better) job opportunity. Those expats can also benefit from this service transfer program under Kawadir Labor Job whose residency permit and/or work permit has been expired. The program will help them find a new job and allow earning a living. Moreover, those expats, who came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to undertake a job, yet could not attain their residency permit even after a period of three months can get great benefits from this very initiative. They can now work under the sponsorship of other employer and attain a residency permit. This way they won’t be rendered jobless anymore.

Also, those organizations that have employed more of expats than Saudis can transfer their expat workers and employ Saudi Nationals. This way the companies will experience Saudization of their organization and improve their Nitaqat program range. This way we will be able to employ Saudi nationals without firing the expats. The labor transfer would indeed be helpful in better utilization of services.

However, keeping in view the rights of labor, organizations can upload the CV and resume of employees only after their approval. No organization is allowed to upload a CV of their foreign workers without his/her consent.  Even though the program is very extensive and many people are believed to get benefit from it, yet there is a restriction imposed by Ministry of Labor and Social Development on Kawadir Labor Jobs.[irp]

The only restriction is that only those companies can avail labor transfers which fall under the category of green and above green labels of Nitaqat Program. Those Expats who have been unable to find a job in the kingdom, those who are looking for a job and those expats who are willing to provide services to other organization should defiantly avail this service transfer program and upload their CV at Kawadir Labor Job website!

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