Indian Shepherd died due to Heat and Thirst in the Desert – Buried after 2 years in Buraida

Mennela Ramulu was an Indian who died in the middle of a desert in Saudi Arabia. His dead body was found from a desert of the central region of Saudi Arabia. He came to the Kingdom in hope of turning his life. The poor man had a dream of earning a good livelihood. He had a dream of building his own home, of repaying his debts and that of giving the best to his two children and a wife. Yet none of his dreams were fulfilled and he died! Ramulu was a native of Medak district located in Telangana state in southern part of India. He was to work in Qassim to make all his dreams a reality.[irp]

The organization where Ramulu was to work was contacted. His employer told that he did start work here but soon abandoned it. Now the employer has no concern for him because he had informed the passport authorities of his sudden and uninformed departure. Ramulu for certain unknown reasons had left his job and became a shepherd. The family also confirms the news that he had become a shepherd in the deserts of the Kingdom.  No one could have known about his death until an African shepherd located his ruins in a remote area of a desert. He was in search of his missing animals when he saw a dead body lying there. The shepherd immediately informed the police. The police have disclosed that they were informed about a dead body, nearly turned into a skeleton, on 1st of February 2016.

No one could identify the corpse as it was not equipped with any identification material such as Iqama, passport or even a cell phone. Thereby it was sent for investigation. Investigating authorities revealed that the body belonged to Ramulu. In order to investigate the reasons of poor soul departure, forensic tests were conducted. The reports revealed that the death was caused by thirst and heat exhaustion. The sad news is that his body was discovered after 8 months of his death. The reports claim that he must have died 8 months ago back in June 2015.

He must have lost his way and had searched for food and water. Kingdom’s deserts temperature can rise as high as 50 degree Celsius in the desert. Many travelers and shepherds often die after being lost because of high temperature, shortage of food and water! The dead body wasn’t buried even after 8 months. He has buried 2 years ahead of his death.  The body was kept at the morgue of a local hospital so that it would be repatriated in its native country.

The Indian embassy that is located in Riyadh was informed about the death and was requested to proceed for repatriation of the body to India. Yet there were delays attributed due to administrative reasons and the poor financial ability of his family. Ramulu’s wife, Kavita, had been hopeful that they would last see Ramulu and bury (or whatever Hindus do to their dead ones) in India.[irp]

She twice sent the official and required documents to the Indian embassy, yet there were delays for various reasons. Finally, due to financial constraint, Kavita gave up and asked the Kingdom authorities to bury him in the Kingdom. Following her request, the less than a skeleton body was buried in Buraidah recently i.e. after 2 years of his death.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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