Illegal Expat dies out of Happiness a day before returning home

Illegal expatriates have been residing in Saudi Arabia since long. Most of these were leading a miserable life as they were jobless: they would undergo an odd job to satisfy their hunger. With the announcement of amnesty time period by the then crown prince Muhammad Bin Naif, many were relieved. They were happy that they would go to their own country, live as free citizens and enjoy life with their loved ones. Living as an illegal expatriate isn’t easy at all.  Although they came with high hopes, not all are lucky enough to fulfill all their dreams. Sangi Yellaih, our dear brother came into the kingdom to accomplish great dreams. He was the father of two young daughters and wanted to earn well to fulfill their wedding expenses.[irp]

He was 44 years old and belonged to India: he was a native of southern Indian state Telangana’s district named as Jagtial. He came here as a mason. He worked as a mason for some time but then quit as the construction activities in Saudi Arabia fell down. He could not continue to work as a mason and ran away from his sponsor to find another job. His sponsor had informed the passport department about Sangi Yellaih’s running away. He was titled as huroob by the passport department.  Sangi Yellaih’s life became miserable. He was jobless and could not find a good job as he was now living as an illegal resident. He could not even return to his country. He tried to arrest himself but failed. 

He wanted to go back to India: we wanted to meet the family there and earn a living there, he wanted to live freely. Yet he couldn’t find a way to do so until the amnesty time period as announced. Sangi Yellaih was very relieved when he heard of the 90 days long amnesty time period announced by the government. This is what he wanted, to go back home! So he availed the opportunity. The Saudi government gave him the clearance exit after the Indian embassy successfully provided with the travel documents Sangi Yellaih had applied for.

He was to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 29, 2017, after fulfilling all legal requirements. He was very excited to meet the family, to meet his loved ones and to enjoy a life as a free citizen. He had admitted that he could not carve a bright future in Saudi Arabia, but he was hopeful to do so in India. On 28th May he was all ready to leave the Kingdom; he could not wait for the next day. He was over-excited! Yet the poor soul died the very day, yes Sangi Yellaih died just a day before his departure from Saudi Arabia.[irp]

Doctors claim that he died of a heart attack. Such a heart attack occurs when a person is very depressed or very happy. In Sangi Yellaih’s case, he died of excitement and joy! He was found dead at his residence in Riyadh’s outskirts.  What is more heartbreaking is that Indian embassy hasn’t come up with documents that would allow the Saudi government to send his dead body to India. His dead body still lies here waiting for departure before amnesty ends!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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