I took a loan when I was 25 and continued repaying it till 59 – Story of an Expat

Everyone has dreams, a dream of earning well and leading a good life. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, people have to work really hard to let meet the two ends.

People leave their loved ones, their city and even their country to accomplish their goal of a happy life, so did Rasheed. Mohammed Mustafa Rasheed who is an Indian Nations and belongs to the Kollam district of Kerala was only 25 when he arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to fulfill all his dreams.

This story date backs to 1983. Now Rasheed is 59 years old. The 59 years old Rasheed has left for India now but has disclosed his heartbreaking story. The poor soul who was full of passion for earning a good living left the kingdom with unaccomplished dreams.

He worked hard here. He lived for 34 years in Saudi Arabia and never, not even once, went back to meet his family! Yet his hard work never paid him off. 25 years old Rasheed came to Saudi Arabia and provided services of driver and plumber in his initial years.

Soon he left these services and started his own business. He took loans from people he knew in the kingdom and initiated a business. His Saudi sponsor also provided him with financial help.

However, the unlucky guy could not become a successful businessman. His business ran into losses. He needed help, he needed money to cover up he loses and had to repay the loans as well. Adding to his misfortune, his sponsor died!

The sponsor’s legal heirs had personal disputes which proved unlucky for Rasheed, they did not owe Rasheed’s sponsorship. Poor Rasheed could not find a new sponsor and his Iqama (the residency permit) expired.

Alas! Rasheed lost all hopes and became an illegal expatriate in Saudi Arabia. He had been living in the Kingdom as an illegal resident since 1993. He would undergo unstable and odd jobs to pay off the loans he took when he was only 25.

All these years he had lived in Rawdah, a place in Riyadh. His life was miserable, he could not earn enough to pay off the loans all these years, his family could not see him for 34 years, his youth expired while repaying loans, he could not send a single penny back home!

Mohammed Mustafa Rasheed, who lived 34 years in the Kingdom, has now left for India. He did not want to go back, but he had to. He wanted to die in the Holy Land, yet it was his love for his mother that forced him to go back.

His eyes wanted to see his aged mother who wished to die after seeing his son who had departed 34 years ago and never visited her again. Shihab Kottukad a social worker helped Rasheed to go back home.

He told him that if he died here, many problems will arise as he was an illegal expatriate. Moreover, there was an amnesty scheme going on those days and he advised him to avail the amnesty time period to freely move towards his home country.

We hope that Mohammed Mustafa Rasheed’s life would take a great turn! All the best strong man!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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