How four brothers triggered terror attacks across Saudi Arabia?

The four terror brothers namely Jassim, Ghazi Ali al-Qedehi, Bassim, and Maitham are the ones who made terrorist activities in Saudi Arabia’s district, Awamiyah. The Al Qedehi brothers were found guilty of dealing in drugs, kidnapping of civilians and terrorist activities. They were active in such activities for the past two decades. The security services were looking for them as they were the most wanted criminals.  They were involved in the Qatif terrorist’s activities and hid themselves up in Awamiyah town. Luckily two of the brothers, Jassim and Ghazi, were arrested and Bassim, the third brother was killed. However, unluckily, the fourth brother is still wanted and is hiding himself up in Al- Masoura. The Al Masoura region which lies in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia has become a den of terrorists. They have been able to capture the area and use it for the terrorists’ activities. Since past 4 years, the terror attacks on civilians and security officials have been launched from the very place.[irp]

Jassim got arrested while he was shooting at the security personals at the Island of Tarut. He and some other most wanted criminals were shooting at security patrols and the security units.  He was arrested by the Interior Ministry. Ghazi, on the other hand, got arrested in Al Awamiyah. He was trying to escape in Bahrain through King Fahad’s bridge. The brothers have been seen together with other terrorists as well. Bassim was seen in a photograph with Mahdi Al Sayegh. Al Sayegh was given a death sentence and was executed in July 2017. Their photo shows that they are wearing clothes that support Hezbollah group.

The experts are of the view that they were trained by the Hezbollah group for the terrorist’s activities. This indicates that the terrorists in Saudi Arabia are trained for the activities here which are supported by the Hezbollah group. Bassim was killed in an attack by the security personals. The brother was charged for attacking security headquarters. He was also found guilty of kidnapping a citizen named Shah Al Shukan. Bassim breathes his last in Al Awamiyah where he got killed by security officials.

The fourth brother is still being hunted. Maitham who is only 27 years old is involved in various criminal activities.  A lot of evidence is there proving that Maitham is a terrorist. He has associations with Mohammed al Ammar, who himself is a wanted terrorist. The people who initiated an operation against these terrorists were threatened by Maitham through a video message, two months from now.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior has proclaimed Maitham as one of the nine most wanted criminals. He is a dangerous criminal whose criminal record includes targeting and attacking security personals, citizens and innocent residents. His activities have caused a disturbance in the economic and social life of people and he is a great threat to our people’s security.[irp]

He is the one who recruited some of the very dangerous terrorists: the terrorists who were involved in the kidnap of Mohammad Al Jirani. Jirani is a judge of Qatif. He also had associations with Yousif Ali Almushaikhis and Mahdi Sayegh. These two were executed by the Qatif’s court. Before they were caught and sentenced, a photo of them with Maitham has been seen around in social media.

Source: Al Arabiya