How a citizen’s complaint led to the dismissal of a Saudi Minister?

Saad al-Thuwainy is a Saudi national who is a brave and intelligent young boy. He has done what none had done before. He has been able to dismiss the minister of civil services, Khaled al-Araj.

He used his authorities to employ his son

This is the first time in the history that anyone had been able to overthrow a minister through a complaint and using social media campaign. Saad al-Thuwainy used the platform of Twitter to create awareness that the Minister of Civil Services Khaled al-Araj had used his authorities to employ his own son in a high earning job.

The son did not deserve as he did not meet the qualification requirements, yet he got appointed because his father was a minister. It is reported that Khaled al-Araj was able to secure the job for his son soon after he himself became the minister.

3539 How a normal citizen’s complaint led to the dismissal of a Saudi Minister

A Saudi citizen lodged a complaint

The brave boy, Saad al-Thuwainy did not remain quite like others rather he lodged a complaint against Minister of Civil Services Khaled al-Araj. He wrote to the Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha). He says that the letter was uploaded on Twitter and his followers helped him to produce a modified and the final version of it. 

None could have thought that action would be taken against the minister. Yet the letter was responded by Nazaha and the case was taken up. An official committee went through a detailed investigation of the matter.  

Saad was being expected at the Nazaha office so much so that a staff member pointed at him on the reception. He reported to the office on the 26th of October 2016.

Nazaha called him to their office

He held a meeting where the complete discussions regarding his complaint were held. He was also called by the secretary of the president of the Kingdom. Being a responsible citizen Saad handed him down all the necessary documents. He informed the secretary that the documents are not his property; rather the people had sent him via Twitter.

He did not produce those documents, rather gave it as they would be helpful in the investigation. Upon Saad agreement, the case was filed by his name. Saad had reported that the secretary asked him about it and he willingly handed down his ID card so that his name could be mentioned for reporting the case.

Saad became confident when ‘Nazaha' sent a delegation to the headquarters of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to investigate about minister’s son’s job. Khaled al-Araj has now been dismissed.

Source: Al Arabiya