Hind Al-Zahid, first Saudi Woman to be appointed as a Head of a Saudi Airport

Wow! What great news it is. When women around the world are showing up the world that they are not inferior, the Saudi women are also keen to do so. Previous few years have been full of stories that depict that the Saudi women are strong and intelligent! And now another proud daughter of the nation has broken up the historical records and set up a milestone!  Hind Al-Zahid has become the first Saudi woman to work as an executive director. She is the very first Saudi woman who has gained the honor of being an executive director. Hind Al Zahid has been hired at the Dammam Airport Company as an Executive Director. She is also a member of Dammam Airports Executive Board that is currently chaired by Abdullah Al-Zamil.[irp]

Hind went through a tough time for being selected as an executive director. She has been hired to this post after the consent and approval of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). The GACA approved Hind’s post in a meeting chaired by Minister of Transport and head of GACA Sulaiman Al-Hamdan. The executive board is inclusive of other members. These members are as follows: Mohammad Al-Shitwi, Najeeb Al-Saihati, Muaath Al-Naeem, Hazim Mubarak and Muhammad Bamga. Hind Al-Zahid is very pleased to be trusted by the members and she is very keen to come up to their expectations. She has promised that she would work hard and show the world that the decision of trusting her wasn’t wrong at all!

It is not the very first achievement of Hind Al-Zahid. She was also the executive director of the Women Economic Forum from 2008 to 2016.She has been the heading the Businesswomen Center at the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2009.  And she has effectively undertaken her duties. She has been able to contribute greatly to women empowerment. She has been able to open avenues for the businesswomen in the private and public sectors. She has repeatedly told the nation that women are a great asset and Saudi Arabia needs women entrepreneurs! She has eventually raised awareness about women’s role in entrepreneurship.[irp]

She has fought for women in Saudi Arabia and has highlighted the challenges that are being faced by the Saudi women. Our proud daughter of the nation, Hind Al-Zahid was also listed as one of Forbes’ most influential women. Way to go girl! The nation and the world are proud of you! Stay blessed and keep up the hard work!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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