Governor of Asir orders to deport 2 expat drivers for their reckless driving

Driving any vehicle is a great responsibility. If you are driving carelessly, you not only risk your life but also put others life at a great danger. Traffic accidents are very common around the world. The reason behind these accidents is that people do not follow traffic rules. In Saudi Arabia, road accidents have for long taken lives of many innocent ones. According to a report, road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in Saudi Arabia. We lose on average 21 precious lives every day in road accidents.[irp]

It is not that we have bad road tracks or cars. The problem is that the people are careless. No matter how harsh rules are imposed, unless people would not comply with them, we can’t change a thing. If you look at the incident that took place in Saudi Arabia, you would be amazed at the drivers! You must have gone through or heard of the video that went viral on social media, where two truck drivers underwent a dangerous stunt. Yes, a video was uploaded where two lorry drivers underwent dangerous overtaking at the Asir Region. These reckless drivers, one after the other, overtook each other on a narrow road. The whole incident was recorded on a 10-second long video and was uploaded on social media.

One should not be performing in such a way on a car, but these reckless drivers performed the dangerous and stupid stunt while driving trucks! Were they in their senses? God forbids, something really bad could have happened. They were lucky they are safe! racing on a narrow road and overtaking is a stupid thing to do, it not only puts one’s life in danger but others could have been a victim of a serious road accident. Taking rightful notice of the incident, Prince Faisal bin Khalid who is the Governor of Asir, demanded the driver's deportation. Both of the drivers are non-Saudis and have gone through legal action. They first faced penalties for their careless and reckless attitude and now have been deported to their respective countries.

Saad Thabet who is an officer in charge of Prince Faisal’s media office briefed about the matter. He said that the drivers were found guilty of not only putting their lives in danger but also of others. They have violated the traffic rules and regulations. Thereby they have been wisely deported. Prince Faisal said that he is pleased to see the authorities’ efficiency. The civil and security officials in Muhayel, timely arrested the two drivers and took their vehicles in their custody. The two trucks are to be investigated.[irp]

Authorities are doing their work well. They are holding campaigns to educate people about the significance of following traffic rules. They are doing their best to put a stop to reckless driving. The authorities have set up speeding cameras to penalize those who over speed. Monitoring is done through cameras and timely action is taken upon the violators. But we need to change ourselves now, for our safety and for the safety of others. Let’s promote a positive driving culture!

Source: Gulf News

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