First Shopping Mall in to hire disabled people in Saudi Arabia

8 disabled students as security guards

For the first time, a Saudi local mall has employed some physically challenged people as security guard trainees. This is indeed a remarkable step as these trainee guards are students from Imam Al-Baihaqi High School in Makkah.

According to the reports, Dhiyafa Mall’s management has employed 8 students from Imam Al-Baihaqi High School. The management of the mall has hired these 8 disabled students under their policy. The policy aims at providing job opportunity to the disabled so that the can fuse into society.

The school principal himself approached the mall management

The reports also revealed that the school principal himself approached the mall management. He asked them to train some of the school’s students. By hiring some students from the school who are disabled will not only help them integrate into society yet it will help them to get useful training.  

The mall management did not turn down the principal’s request and hired 8 of its disabled students as trainee guards. Unlike the general belief, hiring a disabled is economically viable. Research shows that a disability can be hired at a lower employment cost! Also, they are more punctual and highly productive.

3555 First Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia to hire disabled people in security jobs

Employers in Saudi Arabia are hesitant to employ disabled people

Employers are hesitant to employ the disabled! They are unaware of the benefits of employing a disabled worker. A disabled worker can bring a lot of benefits to the workplace. Disabled people are more contented, they appreciate the small opportunities given to them and thereby give their very best.

They are less complaining and more hardworking. Loyalty and longevity towards the job are their quality. The Disabled employees are passionate to prove the normal employees that they are not inferior which helps to develop a healthy competition required to enhance the employees’ efficiency.

The supervisor of these 8 students, Raad Al-Harthy, who is a special education teacher at Imam Al-Baihaqi High School, said that the school’s students have a great tendency of learning. They can be trained which will allow them to become an effective member of the society.

He says that the school helps them to interact with normal people without any sort of hesitation. The school is credited to enhance the self-confidence of the disabled, improve their skills and motivate them to work hard. These steps are necessary as they help them integrate into society.

The students have expressed their happiness. They are thankful for being provided with a great piece of opportunity which has opened the avenues of learning. They say that it is indeed a great chance to overcome the difficulties of communication. 

Source: Saudi Gazette