A restaurant owner in Singapore takes his 27 employees for Umrah free of cost

The restaurant was closed for the last 10 days of Ramadan: The Zam Zam restaurant of Singapore notified that it would be closed during the last 10 days of Ramadan. It was published on the social media so that its far off customers, especially from Johor and Tuas, would not come all the way to see the restaurant closed.

Everyone was quite surprised and curious because the restaurant remains open 7 days a week. Why would someone close down a restaurant for 10 days and that too in days when the business would be really good?

Even though the Zam Zam management hesitated to disclose the facts, the truth was made public. The boss of the restaurant had taken his 27 employees along himself to perform an Umrah.

They had been saving money for 3 years: The boss claims that he had been saving money for three years to do so. He took his 27 employees for a religious virtue to thank them for their hard work. He says that these employees have been working tirelessly for the restaurant and it was time to pay them off.

Letting them perform an Umrah was the best way to do so.  The restaurant remained closed in the last 10 days of Ramadan as most of the employees were at Makkah to perform an Umrah.

It cost the restaurant owner $84,000: The restaurant bore all the expenses of the 27 employees which included Visa, Ticket, Food, Hotel expenses. The company did not disclose the expense yet it was estimated that a trip of Umrah from Singapore of 28 people must have cost about $ 84,000.

Mr. Zackeer Khan, the restaurant’s manager says that the restaurant was founded in 1908. Those employees had been taken along who had been loyal towards the company and have help lifting it up. Most of the employees had served for more than 5 years.

Employees requested the Umrah: A man in his 60’s who is an old employee at Zam Zam was also taken along.  All the employees were very happy to have performed the Umrah in the holy month. They requested to perform an Umrah in the holy month as special prayers are offered in Makkah.

Although it was not an economically rational decision for the business, yet the boss agreed to it. The workers cried of joy for performing their very first Umrah.  Life is unexpected and they wanted to visit the Holy place one in a life.

An employee who is in his 30’s and has served the company for 7 years says that he was overwhelmed. He never expected that the boss would close the restaurant during great business days. The boss is indeed very kind and it is difficult to find such a good boss. 

Group Photos: The employees were seen wearing the Zam Zam jackets and posed for a group photo holding a banner of the restaurant in the city of Makkah.

When the pictures broke on the internet, the people praised the boss and the company for their kind gesture and prayed for their safety. The restaurant reopened and both the employees and customers were very happy!

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