A gang arrested selling drinking water taken from sewage canal in Jeddah

There is a report highlighted near the coastal sea border of Saudi-Arabia, Jeddah that numerous people have been arrested and are under investigation because of carrying out the illegal business of drinking water which is drawn from a drainage canal. The Makkah Governorate official released this news in a statement on Monday. Governorates in Arabic are called the Muhafazat. Governorates are considered as the second-best model of regional administration which rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  After the official statement released by the governor of Makkah, Prince Mishaal -bin-Majed immediately ordered for the deep investigation of the following issue.[irp]

This most important issue was collected when after a video clip went viral on social media which showed water carrying procedure. The video specified that the water was being pumped from a canal in the village of Bahra which was considered as a part of the filthy drinking water business. The video clip showed that water was being drawn with the help of an electric water pump from the canal. Although, the video did not give any clue as from where this whole process was controlled. The Makkah governorate also said in a statement that after confirmation and verification of the authenticity of the concerned video clip, many of the suspected people who were involved in the filthy drinking water business were arrested. After taking the suspected group of people in custody, they further proceed for any legal proceedings.

Teams from the National Water Company (NWC) in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia inspected the concerned location address and identified the point of infringements. After analyzing the situation, the National Water Company (NWC) then officially submitted the respective matter to the suitably concerned authorities to address the situation. The National Water Company (NWC) also reported that the sewage channel which appeared in the video is basically a stream for the triple treatment of sewage water.

The stream coming from treatment stations is located in Bahra and Arna and then passes through the coastal city of Saudi-Arabia. Whereas Bahra is a village located in the province of Makkah towards the west direction of  Saudi Arabia. The National Water Company’s (NWC) basic job is to investigate all the surroundings which cover the channel and the treatment stations located in Bahra and Arna. National Water Company (NWC) needs to make sure during the inspection that there would be no additional disruption observed and hopefully in future, it will be completely finished.[irp]

National water company (NWC) is created in the year of 2008 and the purpose of National water company (NWC) is to provide premium quality water and services for wastewater management to all the citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. National water company (NWC) is highly dedicated company for providing quality water and wastewater services to households, preservation of natural water resources, environment protection and making sure the correct use of treated sewage discharge. National water company’s (NWC) main headquarter` is located in Riyadh and its branches are located in Jeddah, Makkah, and Madina.

Source: Arab News


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