9 things Girls only do in Movies, not in real life

Things in movies are naturally meant to be overdramatic and exaggerated. We all know that (hopefully). However, there are some things which are not an exaggeration but far from the truth. This is something all women will relate to, as these are some things women do in movies that they do not do in real life;[irp]

1-They never repeat any clothes: In movies, this may be true, but in real life, not so much. Girls only wish that they have enough clothes that they do not have to repeat any garment. However, regardless of a number of clothes a woman may buy, she may possibly never have enough clothes to wear a different new one every day.

2-It is not that easy to run in heels, let alone walk: As pretty and feminine as they may seem, heels are definitely uncomfortable and basically elevate you a few inches above the ground. Good luck running in them; it is not safe or easy.

3-All girls do not know a set of dance moves which they can burst into as soon as the beat drops: Despite the numerous dances synchronized to perfection, this is not possible without an immense amount of prior practice.

4-They don’t necessarily change into delicate and frilly nightwear: Baggy t-shirts and baggy lowers are pretty much the standard official night suit for all those people who do not like the regular matching pajama/shirt sets and/or ladies nighties.

5-They don’t sleep with full makeup and wake up looking flawless the next day and continue to look flawless without any touch up:  Not all girls are pros at makeup, some struggle, some learn. However not even the best makeup artists sleep with makeup as it is harmful and everybody wakes up looking tired.  Girls who look flawless all day probably do a few touch ups throughout the day.

6-They may be chubby as a child but most of them lose the baby fat: If nothing works, well there is always the possibility of getting contacts and getting a makeover done to look fabulous.

7-They don’t need a man to fight their battles. Even their physical ones: Though they can look all pretty in bright colors and beautiful clothes, beware the wrath of a woman. If you need proof of how hardcore a woman can be, you just have to look at a mother who bears extreme pain to give birth to her child and will sacrifice her life to save the life of her child.[irp]

8-Also in the extreme winters, even with layers of snow all around, they do not need sweaters: Sweaters add bulk, and if women are wearing a beautiful dress they don’t want to wear a jacket or sweater on it. This is also a testament to how hardcore women are.

9-None of them are waiting to be saved: Girls in the real world are actually not in need of saving but can save any guy out there from wrecking himself, believe that.