87-Year-old Father chained and locked up in a room by his son for years in Jeddah

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) on Wednesday announced a draft law which is basically for the protection of rights of the senior citizens.

After two days of the draft law released, an incident is reported of an old man who was locked up in a homemade jail. The old man was chained by his own son.

The homemade jail was organized in an apartment which is in Al-Waziriyah district of Jeddah. The person who was locked by his own son was an 87-year-old.

Khaled -Abalkhail, the spokesman of MLSD, said that the concerned person was found in a very terrible and poor condition. The Makkah police rescued the old man and arrested his 37-year-old son.

After taking his son into detention; he was further referred to the concerned authorities. The police basically reacted to the video that went viral on social media in which the 87-year-old man was chained brutally.

Mansour -Al-Nahari who is a resident of Al-Waziriyah district, said that about four months ago, someone rented an apartment in this area and he saw a car arriving in front of the building.

Three people just got out from the car and these three were supporting a man who was pretty much older in age and was unable to move.

Another resident, Saud Ibrahim, also quoted that one day, the door of the apartment was open and he was surprised to see the view. He entered the apartment and found the old man locked inside. He requested him to give food and water.

Since that day, people living in that area took turns to provide the old man with food and water. He also once saw people putting chains on the door handle of the apartment.

However, one day, the police raided the apartment and took the old man to King Abdulaziz Hospital by the help of paramedics. 

Member of the National Society for Human Rights, Matuq -Al-Sharif, stated that the society should consider the case of an old man and investigation must be carried out as to why he was in such panic detention by his own son.

An Arabic daily newspaper found that the old man is Yemeni. Spokesperson of the Makkah police, Col. Ati Al-Qurashi, reported that his son stated that his father was suffering from a serious mental illness and this was the main reason he chained him in the apartment.

With the help of social site Twitter, the ministry called those people who had certain experience and interest in social affairs and wanted to share their feedback on the draft.

If the concerned person could not be independent, the law permits an elderly person to choose the concerned party to take care of them. Otherwise, it is difficult to deal with them until and unless the order is released by the court.

Besides this, the law also provides them full right and freedom of their decisions. The ministry also added that priority should be given to the concerned family for care-taking.

All of us pray to Allah to bestow us with children especially sons. Just try to imagine the mental pain this father had to go through for the ill-treatment of his son. The son who learned to walk holding his finger, chained him up and refused to give him even food.

Source: Arab News