75 Years Jail, 7500 lashes to the men who attacked police in Jeddah

When law protectors themselves are harassed and attacked openly, it is indeed very unpleasant for the nation. It portrays a bad image of the country worldwide as the world deems the laws are not strong in that country. If police cannot defend themselves how can they defend others? On March 9, a very sad incident took place in Saudi Arabia. A policeman was attacked by a gang of buggy riders. The news was all filled with headlines quoting that a policeman in Saudi Arabia got attacked by buggy attackers. The tragic incident in which a gang riding beach buggies carried an assault on the policeman occurred in the Red Sea city of Jeddah. A policeman in plain clothes had parked his car and was standing right beside it when a buggy attacker rushed into him and the poor man fell.[irp]

He stood up and defended himself from the second attack from another buggy attacker. The policeman and another man, whose identity is yet unidentified, were assault by the gang. The two kept on saving themselves from the gang as they roamed around the two. The whole incident can be seen in the video given below. The video was filmed by women living in nearby apartments. She is indeed a very sensible and responsible national. She not only filmed the whole scene to mark a proof of the incident but also called the police and informed them. In the video, her voice can be heard clearly, asking the police to show up and rescue the policeman under attack. The Governor of Makkah, Prince Khalid Al-Faysal called for justice for the innocent policeman. He ordered to catch up the criminals as soon as possible and punish them so that justice prevails.

The video has been used as a proof and went viral on social media. The court held a verdict against a gang of buggy attackers. The main culprit who tried to run over the policeman has been sentenced an imprisonment of 18 years. The leader of the attack will also be subject to lashes. The Saudi court announced that the criminal shall be subject to 1,800 lashes. These lashes shall be divided in 18 years; this means 100 lashes a year.

While two of the buggy attackers have been sentenced 16 years of imprisonment with 100 lashes per year. The rest of the five participants shall suffer 5 years in the jail. The 8 of the buggy attackers have been identified as Africans. Indeed, justice has been done with the policeman as not only the culprits have been caught but also they have been punished. All Saudi Arabia stood with the policeman and asked for justice. The Saudis asked for providing no mercy towards the attackers.[irp]

Indeed, the incident was shocking! We were lucky that the policeman is safe. We need to take some radical steps against such criminals to avoid such incidents in future. Saudi Arabia has been so welcoming to the expatriates from all around the world. There are around 10 million expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. These expatriates should also realize that they should respect the country’s law and its natives.

Source: Gulf News

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