7 Essential items every woman should carry in her makeup kit

The most important accessory for any woman at any time is her makeup kit. An ideal makeup kit should have anything and everything a woman might need to get the perfect look or to just brush up her makeup. A makeup kit can be a lifesaver no matter where you are — be it your home, your office, at a party, while you are traveling or any other place that you can think of. But there are thousands of products available in the market today as makeup products become more diverse. It can get quite confusing to choose the necessary items for your makeup kit. Even worse, you might forget about a makeup product completely which can leave your makeup looking incomplete. That is why we have come up with a list of products that are essential additions to any woman’s makeup bag. You can rest easy and never have to worry about your makeup with these items with you.[irp]

Skin Cream The first and foremost item for any makeup kit will be the skin care products. No matter what type of look you are after, you need to have a good skin cream in your bag at all time. Well, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin cream. Each of us has a different type of skin. There are different moisturizing creams available in the market today for different skin types — be it dry skin or oily skin. Research and choose a cream that is suitable for you personally and never ever leaves home without it. It is the basic setup required for any type of makeup to be successful. A good moisturizing cream goes a long way in keeping your skin soft and supple making you look younger and more youthful.

Sunscreen – no matter how hard you have taken care of your skin or the makeup you have done, a few hours out in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. That is why a proper sunscreen is a very important part of a makeup bag. The important thing to keep in mind while buying a sunscreen is that it is a functional product as well as a cosmetic product. You have to look beyond the brands when buying a sunscreen and look for SPF ratings that are suitable for your climate and region.

Face cleaner — long exposures to makeup items can be bad for your skin. That is why it is recommended to take off your makeup before your go to sleep at the end of the day. That’s when a face cleaner comes into play. A good face cleaner not only helps in saving you plenty of time but can also help remove the makeup more effectively. This helps give you’re a rest while you are sleeping and allows the skin to breathe.

Foundation and concealer a foundation is literally the foundation for every makeup session. They help set up an even tone for your skin even before you start your makeup and are essential in helping your other makeup products perform to the best of their potential. The trick to finding a perfect product for your skin, in this case, is hit and trial. So, test as many products as you can before making the final purchase. Take care in matching these to the skin tones of the areas you are going to use them on. This can help you from your skin having an unnatural shade while you are out socializing.

Eyeliner – an eyeliner is one of those makeup products that help highlight your eyes. It is one of the very few products that can be used standalone. Even while going for that a natural look; a good eye shadow helps in looking sharp and distinctive. You can apply it to your eyelids to get that always alluring smoky look or you can add it to the crease to add more definition. Though there is a wide range of colors available in the market today, nothing beats the look and feel of black eyeliner, making it an essential element in any woman’s makeup kit.

Blush the most common area which is neglected while doing makeup, especially when you are a little low on time, are the cheeks. But women do this at their own peril. The color of flushed and healthy cheeks looks good on everyone and anyone and helps you look more beautiful and healthy at the same time. This look can be obtained with the help of a blush. Brighter shades are the pick of the crop here because more unnatural colors can be a bit harder to carry and work with. A blush brush can help you get perfect flushed looking cheeks every single time, making them a welcome addition to any makeup kit.

Makeup brushes — there is no overlooking the role of makeup brushes in helping you get the perfect look that you so desire. These are literally the tools of the trade when it comes to makeup. Even though fingers can be used to apply most of the cosmetic items, they lack the finesse and reach that a makeup brush can provide. There are different types of makeup brushes available in the market today. A foundation brush is necessary to apply your foundation more precisely. It gives you more control over what sort of makeup you can do and keeps the skin texture more even while applying foundation or concealer. The other essential makeup brush for your makeup kit is the blush brush. A good blush brush should be fluffy, helping you apply most of your powder and blush products. There are also other brushes available in the market but these two will help satisfy most of your makeup requirements. Also, research well if you are going for a look and makeup style. You might need to add other products and brushes that might be necessary for getting that look. That is why a little research will help you avoid any disaster and will help you be equipped for what you want.