7 easy and legal ways to overcome dependent’s fee in Saudi Arabia

The dependent’s fee has been imposed on almost all categories of employees living in Saudi Arabia with a few exceptions. The foreigners residing here are to pay a dependent fee of SR 100 per dependent monthly. This fee will experience an increase of SR 100 every year till 2020.

This means from July 2018; Expats have to pay a fee of SR 200 per month for each dependent. This is economically viable for the country but indeed is a great burden for those who are shall be liable to pay. Giving away money isn’t easy at all; it is a huge burden on pocket. But, worry not.

We are here with those 7 legal tricks that will help the expats to overcome the burden of Expat dependent fee. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee for Iqama Renewal

01-Undertake a job in Government sector: For those who are desperate for avoiding the dependent fee shall look for a job in the government sector. The government sector employees are not liable to pay the expat dependent fee. If one is under the government sponsorship, he is exempted from the fees.

The government sector jobs might be difficult to find but go for a little struggle as the government has imposed heavy taxes on expatriates working in the private sector. Expats may find a government job and enjoy a dependent fee-free life with additional perks! Recommended: 7 Categories of Expatriates who are exempt from Dependent’s Fee

02-Ask your employer to pay for it: Many legal experts and people who are mastering in labor law issues are coming up with an opinion that the newly imposed dependent’s fee is the responsibility of the employer under some conditions.

If it is covered in your contract, you can legally ask your employer to pay for the dependent’s fee. We have explained it further in the following link. Recommended: Dependent’s fee is the responsibility of the employers, if… – legal experts

03-Ask your landlord to reduce the house rent: One can have a negotiation with their landlords to reduce the house rent. This is not impossible.

In the current economic condition which left many apartments and homes abandoned, many landlords have decreased rent by SR 4000 to 5000. This way you won’t feel the burden of the dependent fee!

04-Move into a house which has a lower rent: By saving on the rent, you can easily overcome the burden of the dependent fee. If your current landlord does not negotiate over rent, find a house that has a lower rent and resides there. There are loads of places out there that demand low rent.

There are locations that are economically viable i.e. they provide facilities at cheaper rates. This way you can save money to overcome the burden of the dependent fee.

05-House Sharing: House sharing can help save money. The house rent can be divided among the residents. So, those foreigners who are residing in spacious houses and are worried due to the dependent fee can let someone share their house. They can charge a rent and use that money to pay off the dependent fee.

06-Send the family to their country: Sending your family to their country will help you avoid the dependent fee. The family can reside in their home country. Many expatriates have already sent their families back home.

07-Alternate income source: Look up for a legal alternate source of income in the kingdom and earn money to pay the fee. Recommended: How to Earn Money Online in Saudi Arabia?