7 Categories of Expatriates who are exempt from Dependent’s Fee

All of us know that the Saudi Government has implemented on Jan 01, 2017 the dependent fee. A fee of SR 100 per month is levied on all the dependents of expatriates in Saudi Arabia at the time of Iqama renewal from July 01, 2017.

The dependent’s fee will be increased to SR 200 per month from July 2018, SR 300 per month from July 2019 and SR 400 per month from July 2020. The fee has been applicable to all the dependents irrespective of their age.

Every resident will have to pay the dependent’s fee for the next year before Iqama renewal. The dependent’s fee is to be paid at the time of Iqama Renewal, issuing exit re-entry visa for the dependent or final exit.

There are 7 categories of expatriates who are exempt from paying dependent’s fee. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee for Iqama Renewal

1-Expatriate employees working in the government sector are not required to pay the dependent’s fee to renew their Iqama, issue exit re-entry visa for dependents or issue a final exit visa.

It would be a great comfort for the expatriates who are working in the government sector as they don’t have to pay this heavy chunk of money.

2-Expatriate workforce on whom labor fee is not applied, are also exempt from paying dependent’s fee. One example of this workforce is domestic workers. All domestic workers are not required to pay their dependent’s fee.

3-If Saudi Father or Saudi Mother has any expatriate dependents, they don’t have to pay dependent’s fee. As we have mentioned in our article Point System for Saudi Nationality, that the nationality is not automatically awarded to the children of Saudi mother if her husband is an expatriate. But these dependents do not have to pay the dependent fee either.

4-A widow or divorcee of a Saudi man does not have to pay dependent’s fee for her expatriate children. However, one must ensure before getting Married with a Saudi that the approval of marriage has been sought from the Ministry of Interior.

5-Expatriate wife or husband of a Saudi Citizen is not required to pay the dependent’s fee. If you are an expatriate married to a Saudi, the dependent fee is not applied to you.

6-Foreign Students living in Saudi Arabia on a student visa are also not required to pay the dependent’s fee for their dependents. It is important to mention here that the profession on Iqama must be a student to get this benefit.

There are many children of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia who are actually students, but this particular clause does not apply on them.

7-You don’t have to pay the dependent’s fee on dependents who have already left the Kingdom either on final exit or on exit re-entry visa but never returned to the Kingdom even if they are showing in your MOI as your dependents.

By imposing this dependent’s fee, the Saudi government is trying to diversify its sources of income and reduce reliance on the export of oil. A financially stable Saudi Arabia is very important for the entire Muslim ummah.

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