6 Tips for those suffering from poor blood circulation

Circulatory problems may affect a number of people regardless of their age. The reason behind circulatory problems may vary from person to person, however, the main reasons behind the circulatory problems can be attributed to unflattering food and a sedentary lifestyle. Our general health condition is dependent on how balanced our daily diet is and how much physical activity we include in our day to day life. If it is indeed true that spending all day in bed and eating junk food, though can be extremely tasty and entertaining, it simply cannot be ignored that this seemingly harmless and enjoyable habit can be in fact extremely harmful for our health.[irp]

One of the most easily affected aspects of our health by a poor diet and physical inactivity is blood circulation, due to the fact that our blood streams are full of other substances such as fat, which over time can very well clog our bloodstreams and this can in turn also cause several terrible diseases. Today we will bring you a wide series of minor exercises that you can do in order to improve your blood circulation, however, you should remember that good nutrition is equally important to exercise so keep both hands in hand and see your health improve.

1-Stretching: Stretching daily is recommended for all healthy and ailing individuals as it helps loosen up the muscles and body in general. Stretching will also significantly improve the blood circulation.

2-Neck Exercises: Performing slow movements with our head will allow us to stretch a very important part of our body, the neck. In order to perform exercises, we can turn our head towards the left shoulder and proceed to keep them there for a few seconds before shifting your head to the other side. You can also perform another exercise which is touching your chin to your chest for a few seconds and then tilting your head back as far as comfortably possible.

3-Pushups: Though we understand not everybody can do pushups, however, when you get out of the shower in the morning, proceed to perform some minor exercises such as pushups or any other body weight exercises. This will activate the blood flow throughout the body allowing cut off blood circulation to once again be resumed.

4-Hand Exercises: This simple exercise involving extending your hands and fingers to their full extent and then you can proceed to make your fist into a punch and squeezing. Anybody performing the hand exercises must do so 10 or so times. This will relieve cramps and improve blood flow in their hands.[irp]

5-Walking or riding a cycle: We also recommend that people include gentle walks in their day to day lives, or ride a cycle at least 2 to 3 times a week. This will greatly help in improving blood flow in your legs.

6-Dance: There is nothing better to beat stress and to improve blood flow than to dance. It is a complete full body exercise which will greatly improve blood circulation as well as the overall health.