50 Years old Saudi Father and his son sit for the same exam in the same classroom

It has been reported that a Saudi father and his son had undertaken the same exam in the same classroom. The incident took place in a school of Makkah, located in western Saudi Arabia.  The father briefed on the situation. He himself is a watchman at a girl’s school. He is a 50 years old man who wanted to attain a middle school degree. As he had to do his job in the morning, he took evening classes to accomplish his dream.  When the annual exams were called: he and his son were to sit in the same classroom. His son has been enrolled as a regular student at an intermediate school. Thereby both the father and soon undertook the same exam in the same classroom. [irp]

The father declared that he was neither ashamed of this situation neither minded it. He has his own dreams to accomplish and it is never too late. He is a loyal person as he did not help his son by providing answers. Even though his son was sitting near to him, he did not cheat and help him in any way.  This is something we shall appreciate: had it been someone else, he could have helped his son or fetch help from him! But the father neither helped his son and neither asked for his help! He told in an interview that he did not entertain his son with answers as he wants his son to get an education. He wants his son to learn to live on his own and not to rely on anyone. He says that he did not provide help as he desires attainment of sound education by his son.

The ambitious and loyal Saudi father also told that his old age won’t come in his way of attaining higher education. He is very ambitious to continue his studies and to complete his degree. He ambitiously boosted that nothing can stop him from attaining the highest possible degrees. The father has received both criticisms and appreciation of people.

While many believe that the father is courageous enough to attain his goals irrespective of his age, some highly criticize him. Many have praised his courage and loyalty. He is praised as he did not let his son cheat. The people who support him say that education is important and is not confined to age. Old aged people shall attain education as well.[irp]

While there are some people out there who have criticized the Saudi man for his acts. These people are of the view that he is old and his education would not be beneficial. If he could not attain his dreams on time, it is his responsibility to make sure that his children attain a quality education. Instead of focusing on his own education and setting his own educational goals he shall be focusing on his children’s future and education. 

Source: Gulf News