4 Mistakes you are probably making under shower

1-Washing your face: Washing your face during your shower may seem like the best, mess free way possible (in comparison to washing your face over a sink). However, this simple act could very well be damaging your skin. Instead, try to wash your face with lukewarm or cold water. Cold water doesn’t close your pores; however, it is extremely good for your skin. Armadine Isnard, a beauty expert stated that a cold finish can stimulate circulation and be incredibly beneficial for the general glow of the skin.[irp]

2-Not caring about the environment: You must have read that you should take a shower instead of a bath to conserve water. However, this does not mention that this is only applicable if the showers are kept under a certain time limit. A shower of 8 minutes or less would be less than the water it takes to have a bath. Only showering for an additional 3 minutes or 11 minutes in total would use up more water than a bath. If you use a power shower or a pressure pump, you are using up more water as it is and hence the shower time under a power shower would be reduced to only 5 minutes.

3-Showering daily: Earlier on, people would not shower every day, so why did we suddenly start to? Like a lot of other things, we are probably showering daily due to advertising and media. Seems absurd but trust me it is not. Not showering daily does not make us a dirty person, our total definition of the word dirty comes from the various soap companies that are eager for us to use more and more soap in the showers. A major amount of the bacteria that accumulates on our skin is good bacteria and can also act as a shield for your skin against harmful bacteria.

Hence over sh[irp]owering can very well in some cases, increase the risk of skin infections. Katherine Ashenberg wrote that the trade association wanted the American public to wash after toilet, to wash before eating and to jump into the shower as soon as one wakes up every day. To the modern westerners, the meaning of cleanliness seems timeless and universal. It is none of these things as it is a constant work in progress and a very complicated cultural creation.

4-Ditch the Loofah: Loofahs and similar products are extremely susceptible to bacteria, stated Dr. Rachael Eckels. She added that the moist environment of a usual loofah will act like an extremely fertile Petri dish which is promotion bacteria growth and mold. These bacteria can then in turn cause impetigo and folliculitis. If you are adamant on using a washcloth or loofah, then at least have them cleaned or laundered regularly. Just get them cleaned at least once a week to avoid any unfortunate skin infections.

Source: Times of India

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