Fake Saudi Prince caught extorting SR 500,000 – 100 Lashes, 16 months Jail

People do wish to become a prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But not everyone can be one. But there are people with strong desires and they fulfill their wish by acting like them. Having such desires is okay who does not want to be a crowned prince and remembered for centuries! Having such desires is pretty much fine, but going beyond them is quite serious. A man has been reported to act as a prince and thereby exporting money!  The case came forward when a complaint was filed against this man in Jeddah Criminal Court, the complaint filer claimed that the man posed himself as a prince. He also promised him that he would find him a well-paid job. Thereby the person gave him SR 500,000.[irp]

The victim said that the man had cheated him by posing as a prince, promising a job and then taking away SR 500,000. The fake prince was sentenced to 100 lashes and 16 months in prison for posing as a prince and extorting money from a citizen. On the order of Jeddah Criminal Court, the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution investigated deeply into the case. Upon interrogation and investigation, it was revealed that the man had been posing himself as a prince and had taken away SR 500,000 from the plaintiff. The false prince claims the charge upon him and says that he had taken SR 500,000 from the person (who had filed the case) for investing purpose.

He wanted to invest the money in trading activates abroad. He wished to invest money in Eastern Europe. He also declares that he had returned the victim some of the money. The court has been equipped by the conversations between the plaintiff and the false prince. The recorded conversation had been provided by the victim himself.  The court is convinced the defendant has convinced the man to send him the amount of SR 500,000 by acting as a prince and lying to provide a high salary job. Thereby court has taken the decision in favor of the victim. The court has found out that the entire amount was digitally exchanged.

The court has charged the man with two crimes after careful investigation one of information technology and other for posing himself as a prince. Thereby a year of imprisonment for the first crime has been announced and four with 100 lashes month imprisonment for acting as a prince. The man did appeal against 16-month imprisonment and 100 lashes sentence in courts of appeal, but the same sentence was upheld on the man.[irp]

The sentence is rightly given no one has the right to cheat others by upholding a false identity. And using the identity of Prince is a serious crime. The crime is serious as the prince’s identity was used for wrong intentions.

Source: Saudi Gazette