Saudi doctor finds Light Bulb in a patient’s stomach which he swallowed 11 years ago

When a bulb can be discovered from a patient’s stomach, anything looks possible! We have heard stories where irresponsible doctors had placed towels, medical equipment or even their wrist –watches inside the patients while operating them. But that is another case. The light-bulb which was discovered from a patient’s stomach has a very interesting story. A man living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was admitted to eastern al-Ahsa region’s hospital. He went to the hospital in case of emergency while he was suffering from high fever and fatigue. He was also reported to have nausea.[irp]

The Al-Ahsa hospital doctors examined him carefully and he underwent certain examination tests. While cautiously examining his reports, doctors found a strange thing in his stomach. It looked like an object was placed in his stomach. The doctors viewed that the object was causing all the trouble. Thereby it was necessary to take it out as soon as possible to recover twenty-one years old man’s health. The doctors called for an immediate operation to withdraw the strange looking object.

After a prolong operation of one hour and fifteen minutes, doctors could take out the trouble causing material. And to everyone’s surprise, the object was a light-bulb! Yes, a light bulb has been taken out from a 21-year-old man’s stomach by Saudi doctors!  Yet, shocking news is that the patient claims that 11 years from now when he was just 10 years old, he had swallowed the light-bulb!

So the light bulb had remained inside his stomach for 11 years? Wow! This is something more than mysterious than shocking. How can a lightbulb, undamaged remain inside one’s stomach for 11 years? Didn’t it cause trouble before? Wasn’t the 10-year-old child taken for medical assistance when he swallowed that bulb or no one was aware of it? Is the man making a story? I mean I am really confused by the whole mystery!

Well, mystery or whatever, the doctors have withdrawn a bulb from a patient’s stomach. The doctors claimed that patient would be discharged soon. He shall be under observation for few days. The doctors have reported that the man is in good health after the successful operation.  Well, my belief in miracles has strengthened after going through such news. I hope that the man can recover his health soon.[irp]

I hope 10 years old children are more tempted towards candies and another kind of foods and not light bulbs!  I do hope parents would be keenly observing their children now and keeping such things away from them. Also, I would like to address all the parents that if such incidents take place do seek medical help right away! Do not take such matters lightly!  May all our children be safeguarded!

Source: Al Arabiya

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