7 Effective ways to enhance the battery time of your iPhone

1-Do not quit your applications: You might have heard that it will save your battery consumption, but it is just a myth. Quitting applications will slow down your phone and eat up your battery. Check which applications use the most battery.  You can go to settings and then battery to check out which application is taking up the most juice from your battery. You will be surprised that non-essential applications will take up the most battery (for example games). The best place to re-evaluate your phone usage.[irp]

2-The low power mode is truly your friend: All you need to do to activate it, go to settings and then the battery. There you will see an option for Low Power Mode. Turn it on and it will switch off features such as automatic updates, visual effects, fetching the mail and reducing the brightness of your screen. A study conducted recently has shown that those phones which use the Low Power Mode will use around 30 percent less power than their counterparts running without Low Power Mode.

3-Turn off the background application refresh: The background application refresh is a setting in the iPhone which will allow the applications to get updated and download the latest content from the net, even when you might not be using the application. To disable the refresh option, go to settings, then general, then click on background app refresh and turn it off.[irp]

4-Turn off the location services: The location services option does not only take up a huge chunk of your battery juice, it is also extremely creepy if you think about it since somebody somewhere knows where you are always. You do not want that. Go to settings, then privacy, then location services and disable it. You can disable it in general or for some applications. Applications such as Google Maps need your location to work, hence it is best to enable it separately for the application.[irp]

5-Turn down the brightness: This is the easiest way of saving up on battery life. It is extremely simple; all you have to do is swipe up on your home screen and decrease brightness. It will also make it easier on your eyes to use.

6-Turn off the Bluetooth: Most of us do not use Bluetooth very often hence there is no reason that it should remain activated throughout the day and eat at the battery power. To disable Bluetooth, swipe up on your home screen and you will see the Bluetooth icon. Clicking it will enable or disable it.

7-Turn on the Airplane Mode: Turning on the Airplane mode will save a lot of your battery life; however, it will disable most of the social features of your phone. So, use this desperate measure only in desperate times.