8 Healthy Reasons to stop shaving and grow a Beard

With a beard becoming the norm or rather trend of these modern days, more and more people are backing away from their routine and boring clean shaven looks. It seems that all those who had been predicting that beard had somewhat reached a peaking trend or peaked in fashion. The reasons behind this constantly rising trend of beards have more to do besides looking rugged and masculine. Whatever your specific reason might be for sporting the hottest trend or male accessory in history, be it religious reasons, trends and fashion or simply a new look or change, you should be keeping the beard on your face and refraining from being anywhere close to a razor. There are several benefits behind beards which are;[irp]

1-Protection against allergens: Dust particles, pollutants, and even insects can get trapped inside the beard hair and will, therefore, be kept out of the mouth, airway or from being ingested. This leads to an overall prevention of asthma and a significant reduction of allergens.

2-Will help your skin remain youthful: In most of the cases we see, the sun is mainly to blame for all the visible signs of aging on our face. In accordance to a study conducted by the University of Southern Queensland, those individuals with bearded faces will block around 95 percent o the harmful UV radiation given off by the sun. this basically means no wrinkles at all, allowing you to age like a superstar.

3-Will keep your skin free of blemishes: Ingrown hair, acne, and razor rash are all known causes of the many blemishes found on your face. By letting your natural hair growth continue, there is a very strong chance that all the rashes and blemishes which could’ve possibly occurred have been kept under check. You will also be saved from the cuts while shaving.

4-It will help preserve the body heat: If you live in a place where the winters will give you chills down to your bones, then it is beneficial to allow your beard to grow out. This is due to the fact that the hair will provide an insulation and cover to your face.

5-Will save you a decent amount of money: You will save up a lot of money on various razors, shaving lotions, shaving gels and aftershaves. This will depend greatly on how regularly you shave, the brands of your preferred shaving products and for how long you decide to grow out the beard.

6-Will allow you to save your time: No shaving daily means you can simply save that time and chill or utilize it elsewhere. Plus, it is extremely boring.[irp]

7-Will help maintains the moisture in your skin: The pores which are exposed can lose the moisture and turn flaky, especially during the peak winters or summer. 

8-It looks GOOD: If no other reasons appeal to you, just think about yourself going from a clean shaved 4 to a bearded 10.

Source: Destination KSA