Top 5 One-Day Trips everyone living in Riyadh should take

1-Edge of the World: The famous Edge of the World is extremely similar to the Grand Canyon located in the United States of America. It is a perfect spot for adventurists regardless of the fact if you are a veteran rock climber or a rookie tourist. The vastness of the cliffs and valley will guarantee a breathtaking view of the skyline. Visitors can stop over at Acacia Valley, which is dotted with good picnic spots and various butterflies, dragon flies and birds. During the extreme summer months, the place goes dry but has lush greenery throughout the rest of the year. Recommended: Visit the Edge of the World in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia[irp]

2-The Heet Cave: Located on the side of the Mount Jubayl, just out of the Alkharj Road at the Wadi Sulay, there is a cave which shelters a lake underground. The locals also refer to the Heet Cave as “Ain” due to its eye shaped opening. All the visitors can take a dive into the crystal clear waters; however, it is strongly advised that all those with no experience, equipment or professional training should refrain from diving into the deeper sides as there are no lifeguards on duty. The Heet Cave is open all year round as it is sheltered from the blistering desert heat.

3-The in City Trails – Diplomatic Quarter: There are several starting points to the DQ trails, however, it is best to start from Starbucks as it is will provide a straight trail to the end to the Kindi Plaza. The DQ trails offer a unique and beautiful nature experience and are completely safe for the families. The trail is mostly contained inside the grounds of the Diplomatic Quarter, however, some of it stretches right to the borderline of the Wadi Hanifa. Visitors can stop over at any small park or the Tuwaiq Palace Gardens located on the way to the trail. Each stop has a unique attraction. Recommended: 8 Things to do in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters during summer

4-The Thumama National Park: The Thumama National Park is an adventure, camping, and heritage all rolled into one amazing attraction. You can drive off to Thumama and have some off road fun. You can indulge in kite flying, horseback riding, flying and RVs. A designated area is available for campers to rent out tents and enjoy barbeque outdoors. Visitors can visit the mountainside or the valleys located in the area and see old houses and historical tools. Recommended: Quad Biking in Thumamah, Riyadh[irp]

5-Hanifa Valley and Al Diriyah: Okay so there are a few ways one can go about this. Visitors can either start off their trip by hiking around the Hanifa Valley during the time of the day that the weather is still bearable and safe to be outdoors in. once done the visitors can head on out to Al Diriyah and go exploring the historical sites. All those interested in historical architecture must visit Al Diriyah as they have successfully preserved quite a bit of their ancient architecture or the Old Riyadh as it was once known. Recommended: The Beauty that is WADI HANIFA

Source: Destination KSA