Pankaj Parakh, a man with the pure 22 karat Gold Shirt crafted in 3200 hours

A well-known businessman and politician of the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Man with the Golden Shirt, Pankaj Parakh has finally earned his place in the GWR or Guinness World Records. The certificate issued by the Guinness World Records, states that Mr. Parakh, aged 47 is the man with the most expensive gold shirt in the world. The cost of the gold shirt owned by Mr. Parakh is calculated to be at INR 9,835,099 which would convert to $161,354. These figures have been taken from a 2014 report. Mr. Parakh stated that this Guinness World Record is truly an unbelievable moment for him. He states that he is only a small man hailing from a distant and remote area located in Maharashtra.[irp]

He added that he is extremely happy with getting the certificate as it has spread the name of his village all across the world. Mr. Parakh was a school dropout, who amassed his wealth from a garment fabrication business. Mr. Parakh is also the Deputy Mayor, Nationalist Congress Party, of the Yeola Town located in Nashik District, that is located around 260 kilometers from Mumbai. 

The shirt in question weighs in at 4.10 kilograms and is currently estimated to be valued at somewhere around 1.3 crore Indian Rupees. Mr. Parakh pairs his visually striking, gold shirt with equally striking, huge gold rings, gold frame glasses as well as a gold phone cover for his mobile phone. The total weight of all the gold worn by Mr. Parakh weighs in around 10 kilograms in total.

Whenever Mr. Parakh steps out on to the streets of Yeola donning his famous gold shirt along with supplementing gold accessories, he carries his licensed revolver which he wears discreetly. He admits that when people see him, they glare and state at them. Fortunately, Mr. Parakh also has 2 vigilant security guards with him at all times, who manage to keep the public at a safe and comfortable distance. Mr. Parakh stated that he had this special gold shirt stitched with 7 solid gold buttons as a personal gift for himself on his 45th birthday which he celebrated two years ago.

He stated that he had always had a fascination with gold ever since his school days, and over time it became more of a passion and an obsession. The shirt had been designed by the Bafna Jewellers located in Nashik and had been executed perfectly by the Shanti Jewellers at Parel located in Mumbai. In total, a team of 20 handpicked artisans spent more than 3200 hours over the course of 2 months in order to craft the 22-carat pure gold strands which would be stitched.[irp]

The deal was however completely documented and billed to keep any snooping tax officials at bay. Although it is made from gold, it is comfortable and flexible. It also has a thin cloth lining inside to avoid the gold having prolonged contact with the skin. The shirt is washable and can be repaired with a lifetime guarantee.

Source: Khaleej Times

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