Hussain Haqqani: A Pakistani ambassador who sold his country

Hussain Haqqani has been in news after publishing his article “Yes, the Russian ambassador met Trump’s team. So? That’s what we diplomats do” in The Washington Post. Hussain Haqqani was the ex-ambassador of Pakistan to the US. He was appointed under the government of Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP).  He had a long journey in Pakistani politics. He had switched from one party to another. He was first affiliated with Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT). During his journalism, he favored General Zia ul Haq but joined the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.  He was exiled during the regime of Musharraf and build close relations with PPPP. Eventually, he became an ambassador to the US under Asif Ali Zardari regime.[irp]

Strange isn’t it, appointing a man with deceitful characteristics as an ambassador to the Superpower. Yet what he did during his tenure is deceptive towards his own nation. In his article, he reveals that he had connections with CIA/ RAW. A Pakistani ambassador being affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies?  Yes, he says that it is his efforts that let the Obama’s administration to kill Qaida Al- Osama Bin Laden by discovering him from Pakistan without Pakistan’s military interference. He had helped the CIA to enter Pakistan, conduct an operation without military consent and discover Osama. He claims that this was done because Pakistani military and intelligence agencies might have sympathies towards these Islamic militants. An Ambassador who had to serve Pakistan served the US!

Now defaming his own country by publishing an old story in a US leading Magazine! He is not worthy to be called a Pakistani. He has proven that he is loyal to the US. He wants to keep the Osama’s incident in news to pose shame to Pakistan. An ambassador is to strengthen the ties between two nations. But his affiliation and loyalties towards RAW/ CIA destroyed the bilateral relations between the two nations. The media has also revealed that he has granted Pakistani Visas to several CIA agents within a couple of days.

Vali Nisar disclosed in his book “Dispensable Nation” that there are less diplomatic relations between Pakistan and US and more CIA agents in Pakistan!  People speculate that the article is timed to frustrate the Trump administration so that it can become harsher with Pakistan. After the end of his tenure, he has been delivering speeches against Pakistan in India. It has been observed that during his frequent visits to India, he has bashed Pakistan in seminars and conferences.[irp]

What a shame: a man being so deceptive towards his own nation? He has defamed his own nation. He has also put the PPPP leaders in a critical situation. The people of Pakistan are questioning the PPPP leaders.  People like Hussain who are not loyal to their work and their nation shall have no right to be associated with Pakistan anymore. Pakistan shall disown him and take away the Pakistani Nationality.

Source: Pakistan Defense

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