A Newborn placed in the trunk of the car found dead in Makkah

Crimes take place all around the world. There are major crimes and minor ones: depending upon the effect they have on the victims and society. The most major crime is depriving someone of life i.e. killing someone.

Indeed, life is precious, it is a one-time opportunity. Killing an innocent for any reason cannot be justified. Murder is a murder: even done with a reason. Only the state has the power to deprive one of life considering the act he/she has done or the threat he/she can pose to others while remaining alive.

No religion in the world allows killing others, without a cause. If a person is liable to be killed, only authorities can do so, no citizen can murder another citizen. 

Killing cannot be justified; a murderer cannot claim himself to be innocent if he killed anyone for reasons such as personal grudges, past fights, family disputes, honor or any other.

But what cannot certainly be justified is the killing of infants. What danger do small babies pose to others? How did they cause harm to the murderer? How did they cause a decline in others respect when killed in name of honor?

How did a small child end up in a fight with you that he had to be killed?  There is literally no justification. We still can understand that a person was killed because he used to torture or there had been long disputes which eventually ended up by killing the other person.

But what can’t be understood is the killing of small ones. The small ones have nothing to do with disputes of others nor they impose a threat to others. Killing someone who had nothing to do with the disputes, killing a baby in name of honor: all these acts are shameful and pathetic.

The poor souls had all the right to enjoy the life just bestowed upon them. I don’t mean that killing of youngsters or adults is justified nevertheless we may understand the reasons behind such murders.

The killing of newborns does not make any sense. Hearing such news shocks the listeners. Yet a shocking incident took place in Makkah; where the police have reported having found a dead body of a newborn in car’s trunk.

A suspicion car was stopped by the police on Al-Sahel Road. The car was being driven by an Ethiopian while it was carrying a passenger with it. As the car did not stop when the police signaled to do so, the police had to chase it.

It is reported that gunshots were also exchanged to successfully stop the vehicle. The car was loaded with an infant’s dead body in the trunk. The driver claims that he has nothing to do with the newborn; he was to drop the passenger at Jeddah.

I do hope the victim’s criminals would be punished according to law. Ending with a prayer that may God protect all souls from evil ones!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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