Top 5 most corrupt political parties in the world

The word corruption is mostly used for politicians and political parties. It is not that all politicians are involved corruption or politics is a bad field. It is not that only politicians are corrupt, but it’s just that their corruption has an impact on the entire nation. It is just that this has become a common practice by politicians to be involved in corruption.  When in power, people do exercise dishonesty. As they are in the power, they have to get the edge of escaping laws; they can do unlawful things that won’t get highlighted. Politicians and political parties, around the world, are involved in major or minor corruption. And here we have highlighted the five most corrupt political parties in the world.[irp]

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) won the general elections of 2013 and thereby is currently leading the country. This is the third time the conservative party had won the general elections and formulated its government. Nawaz Sharif, the current prime minister of the country, is accused of being involved in corruption. After his name was disclosed in Panama papers, the opposition filed a case in the Supreme Court. The decision by the court is pending, but it is viewed that the Nawaz Sharif could not defend himself well in the subsequent hearings.

National Resistance Movement – Uganda: The current ruling party of Uganda, National Resistance Movement or commonly the Movement, is the most prominent party in the country. It was founded as a movement against the dictatorial regime. However, the party is accused of being involved in illegal cases. It is believed that its prominent members are involved in war issues that caused the death of millions. The party tends to have more than one-third representation in the assembly but the citizens of Uganda, mostly, don’t like the party.

Progressive Action Party – Cuba: The progressive Action party was founded in 1949 and led by Fulgencio Batista. In 1954, Batista was certain that his party would lose the then general elections and therefore practiced a coup by overtaking the presidency. It could win two general elections, but the governments they formed had to be dissolved as per electoral fraud. The party finally dissolved after the Cuban Revolution, 1959. The economic liberal party was involved in high-level corruption and is accused of torturing and killing its citizens.

Indian National Congress – India: The Indian National Congress is the second largest party of India. It is the party formulated well before India’s independence. Seven of the Indian prime ministers belonged to this party. Gaining majority in six of the regions, in 2015 elections, the party could not formulate its government. The reason being the party was found involved in corruption. Its leading political member, Rahul Gandhi, is also accused of practicing corruption. [irp]

Vietnam’s Communist party – Vietnam: One of the popular political parties of Vietnam is Vietnam’s Communist party. The party is well famous for its corruption and corrupt political leaders. The party was founded in 1925 and is a great advocate of a socialist-oriented market economy. The party has sent a lot of non-communists to jail.

Source: Fox News Point

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