Ayesha Khaja: The first Saudi woman tourist guide in Madina

Emerging Daughters of Saudi Arabia

Saudi women are indeed motivated to prove the world that they can do anything. Saudi Arabia is a society wherein economic sphere men are preferred over women. Moreover, the government and Saudi females both are ambitious to change this perspective.

For instance, Saudi females such as Sarah al-Suhaimi proved that women can work in co-operate sector as efficiently as men. Recommended: Rania Nashar, the first female CEO of any Saudi Commercial Bank

Dr. Mariam Saleh Binladen set a record of swimming that would be challenging for males, Dana Al Gosaibi trains horses as perfectly as men can. Now another daughter of our nation has made us proud!

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The first female tourist guide in Saudi Arabia

Ayesha Khaja has set up the record of being the first female tourist guide. She is a certified tourist guide; she got her certificate from Islamic Studies and Research Center (ISRC).

After learning about Islamic heritage and gaining expertise, she has been registered with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH). Indeed, her hard work had paved way to become a certified and registered tourist guide.

Ayesha Khaja has done a bachelors in English literature; she has 14 years’ experience in the education sector. However, her true passion was to learn the cultural heritage of the city of Madina.

3487 Ayesha Khaja - The first Saudi woman tourist guide in Madina

She is working in Madina 

As Madina is a city that possesses a great amount of Islamic culture, Ayesha was keen to work with the cultural heritage of the city. She believes that the commission should arrange tourism trips to Madina, one of the most visited cities in the Kingdom, regularly as it is rich in Islamic historic landmarks.

Moreover, tourism has no more been confined to seasons or days, rather a tourist tends to visit around the year. Ayesha Khaja is enjoying her work as a tourist guide. She has organized trips to Holy Mosques. The trips were full of visiting historical sites around the region that had great Islamic importance.

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Ayesha Khaja surely has set up a milestone and therefore has made it easier for other women to join the herd. The commission shall allow more and more women to work as a tourist guide. 

Let’s hope this trend will be beneficial for our society! May our women shine bright! May this year prove to be a fortunate year for Saudi females just like the preceding year!

Source: Saudi Gazette