Saudi Woman swims for 9 hours and 24 KM to cross Dubai Canal

Dr. Mariam Saleh Binladen

Given the opportunity, women can do wonders. When I say wonders, I meant it!  Swimming for nine hours and ten minutes, covering about 24km: a difficult task and indeed a wonder! Yet done by a female!

This record has been set by Dr. Mariam Saleh Binladen. She is a Saudi female who has set a record of being the first swimmer ever to cross Dubai Creek and the Dubai Water Canal.  This path is not a simple one; the entrance of the canal welcomes one with strong and striking currents while the whole path is full of obstacles and challenges. 

This task indeed is physically challenging and requires a lot of strength and energy.  She has expressed appreciation and acknowledgment towards the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

3480 Saudi Woman is the first swimmer to cross Dubai Creek – Dubai Water Canal

He is also the President of the Dubai Sports Council (DSC). Dr. Mariam has also extended her appreciations for her team who made all efforts to make this event a reality.  Dr. Mariam is a dentist by profession and yet a great philanthropist. She underwent this extremely difficult task for a humanitarian cause.

She did it to express empathy towards Syrian Refugees

Dr. Mariam wanted to express empathy towards the Syrian refugees. This is an effort made to create awareness about the Syrian orphans who are refugees: they have lost their families, home, and their childhood; they have been abandoned by their own country and are now seeking shelter in different nations. They need support. Also Read: Hana Jamal Alooni: Saudi Arabia’s first female Sports Reporter

3480 Saudi Woman is the first swimmer to cross Dubai Creek – Dubai Water Canal 02

By breaking the women-oriented stereotypes Dr. Mariam also wanted to motivate the Saudi females to furnish their talent and enter the field of sports. If she as a female can do such a troublesome exercise, then why can’t any other Saudi female?

If she can swim along a challenging path by practicing hardly a month, then why can’t other Saudi females set an example of their strength? Saudi females are talented and they must show their talent to the world. However, this is not the first time Dr. Mariam has made the nation proud. 

3480 Saudi Woman is the first swimmer to cross Dubai Creek – Dubai Water Canal 03

She has already completed a swimming challenge from Europe to Asia

In 2015 she was declared as first ever Saudi women to have successfully completed the swimming challenge from Europe to Asia under Hellespont open water endurance swim held in Turkey.

This was her humanitarian movement to support Syrian orphans who are rendered homeless. Also in 2016, she was able to break further two records by participating in swimming contests held in the United Kingdom.

The honor of being the first female to swim along 101 miles long river Thames and the first Saudi female to finish the assisted swim across the English Channel have been crowned on her. 

Source: Saudi Gazette