A man picking up the packet full of cash, loses his own SR 715,000

Avoiding Street Crimes: Heard of bag snatching, mobile robbery at roads? People losing their valuables at hands of robbers? Well yes, street crimes do prevail. People do face incidence where a person or gang show up with weapons and take away their cash, jewelry, mobiles or their other valuable items. 

As such theft and robbery cases are common, people do take precautionary steps while holding the handsome amount of money or other expensive items. For instance, if one is carrying liquid cash or having valuable items with them, they avoid talking to strangers, take up a route which is likely to be safe and there is a feeling where every person looks suspicious. One remains alerted and tries to be extra careful.

How did he lose money?  The incident that took place in Dubai at Naif road is unique of its kind. An organization had to fulfill its business deal with a Jewelry company by delivering Dh 700,000 to it. So the organization appointed its Nepali salesman to drop off the cash at the Jewelry Company at two o’clock in the afternoon.

The 40 years old salesman had taken the money in a suitcase. While he was going on foot, he saw a packet full of dollars on the side of the road. His eyes still on the packet, he saw a man picking it up and signaling him to follow him so that they could divide that money. 

3481 A man picking up the packet full of cash, loses his own SR 715,000

It was a trap: The salesman, notwithstanding that a trap was being set for him, followed the man into the alley along with his suitcase. As he reached the deserted alley, another man approached and told them he wanted to search for them as he has lost his money.

The man opened up his bag. The salesman out of goodwill did the same and opened his suitcase.  Well, that’s what they wanted to know that what the man was carrying. They beat him up and ran away with the money.

He was punched on the face: According to the salesman, he was punched very badly in the face which made him fell onto the ground when he became conscious he found out that the two man had run away with Dh 700,000.

The police lieutenant has confirmed that the salesman had been beaten up in the alley by two men, as per the CCTV footage. The suspect that provided bait to the salesman has been identified as an Uzbek national. The police’s investigation reveals that the suspects were driving a car which belongs to a car renting organization.

The car rental company manager has been arrested: The police have taken into custody the Uzbek car rental office manager. He is accused of providing the gang with the car without receiving the necessary documents.

One of the car rental employees told that they received a call, asking them to pick up that car from Sharjah. Another accused was also arrested later from Sharjah. 

The trail will continue in April and two other Uzbek are accused of holding shares of stolen cash. Well, hopefully, the cash will be recovered by the police and hopefully, people will learn not to fall for baits!

Source: Khaleej Times