Procedure to Convert Family Visit Visa into Permanent Family Visa

As per my knowledge, family visit visa cannot be converted to permanent family visa due to several reasons which have been discussed in this link. However, one of our readers Mr. Afrim has been negating this fact from the beginning. He is of the opinion that the family visit visa can be converted into permanent family visa and iqama can be issued by the Jawazat. He went through the procedure to convert family visit visa into permanent family visa and got the Iqama of his family. Now he is sharing his experience of converting family visit visa into permanent family visa with us. I am still not sure if you can really convert family visit visa into permanent family visa. The procedure is shared by Mr. Afrim and I do not take any responsibility for that.[irp]

The first thing you need is a letter from your sponsor. The letter must be directed to the Ministry of Interior (“To the Ministry of Interior”) and it should say that you want to transfer your Family’s visit visa to an iqama or permanent family visa. It should have your sponsor's stamp too and your details, name, iqama number etc.

After that, you will have to take this letter and get a stamp from the Chamber of Commerce. We have given some tips and guidelines to attest the documents from Chamber of Commerce in this link “Important Points about Attestation from Chamber of Commerce

Once you get this letter, you need to go to a government building near Saudi Airlines on Olaya Street. It is very close to McDonald's there. The name of this office is Ahwal e Madni. GPS Coordinates of Ahwal e Madni in Riyadh are 24.7531862,46.6553142. You need to Visit the office of Ahwal e Madni with following documents

  • Letter from your company duly stamped by Chamber of Commerce
  • Original Iqama and copy of your iqama
  • Original Passport of Wife and copy of passport page,
  • Copy of her visa page of Saudi Arabia

You also need your original degree duly attested by the Saudi Embassy in your country as well as MOFA Saudi Arabia with Arabic translation and tell them you want to start the process.[irp]

After that, you will get a message from MOI sent to your phone with a number. After about 7 days, call them on the number they give you to check your application. If they say it's still in progress, don't wait but go to Ministry of Interior yourself. Now you Not the main building, but the blue one with many glass windows on Olaya street. They should tell you what to do next.