A Guide to Use Free Bus Service at Riyadh International and Domestic Airport

King Khaled International Airport is located 35 kilometers in the North of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest airport in Saudi Arabia which serves the city of Riyadh. The land area given to this airport is among the largest in the world. At present, there are 40 airlines that use Riyadh Airport for providing best services to their passengers. These airlines offer a wide range of domestic destinations all over the country and international destinations in all over the world. This airport is considered as the air gateway to the Saudi Kingdom. This airport was constructed to deal with the growing requirements of local and international air transport for Riyadh. In 2014, 20 million travelers use the services of the Riyadh Airport. In 2015, the traffic was increased to 22.3 million passengers and there were more than 160,000 flight operations. Every year the number of travelers is increasing day by day.[irp]

At Riyadh Airport there are 3 terminals which are working and open for traveling: 1, 2 and 5, collectively with the Royal Terminal. These terminals are linked to each other. The compound has different facilities for passengers as cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, banks, and shops. All terminal buildings have a lot of facilities and services. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is used for worldwide flights and it controls the arrivals and departures of international flights except for Air France, Saudi, Korean Air and Middle East Airlines.    Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 is currently not in a working condition. There is construction going on for future use. Before closing it used to control local flights.  

Terminal 5 is the latest terminal at the airport, completed in 2016. It controls all the domestic flights and connects with 5 different destinations in Saudi Arabia. It also connects with the metro and has a parking area with a space for more than 3,700 parking. All terminals of Riyadh ‘s King Khaled International Airport are connected with each other. The terminals are linked with each other via a free bus service which runs in every 10 minutes between all terminals: terminal 1 and 2 is international airport and terminal 5 is a local airport. All travelers who are traveling through Riyadh Airport or who have a connecting flight through Riyadh should be familiar about both the airports: international and domestic.

Both airports are in the same spot but in different zones and terminals. If a person is traveling from Jeddah to his home country (international country) but he has a connecting flight from Riyadh Airport then he will be landed in Riyadh Domestic Airport which is at terminal 5, then he is supposed to go to Riyadh International Airport for international flight to his home country which is at terminal 1 and 2.[irp]

Free bus service is for especially for people who are traveling between Riyadh’s International Airport and Domestic Airport. This service is for every 10 minutes. Not only special travelers but anyone who wants to travel between terminal 5, terminal 1 and terminal 2 can use this facility.