Procedure to Register with Mumaris System – Saudi Commission for Health Services

Saudi Commission for Health Services launched Mumaris System for Health professionals in the Kingdom    SCFHS, which stands for Saudi Commission for Health Services in Saudi Arabia, launched a program providing electronic services to health professionals and practitioners in the Kingdom through the new electronic system. This new system is called Mumaris system. Saudi Commission for Health Services (SCFHS) is a scientific working Commission which is a legal entity. The headquarters of Saudi Commission for Health Services (SCFHS) is in the Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh. Saudi Commission for Health Services (SCFHS) also has numerous branches across the Kingdom. Saudi Commission for Health Services (SCFHS) in Saudi Arabia is responsible for supervising and organizing workshops, training programs for health professionals and practitioners.

Besides this, SCFHS is also accountable to manage, control and develop standards which are compulsory for the health professionals and practitioners. All these facilities are provided to health professionals by the electronic system called Mumaris system. The purpose of Mumaris system is to register all the health professionals and practitioners working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides online portal service account to all health practitioners of Saudi Arabia. It holds the benefit that all the health practitioners once registered in the online portal account can easily get access to services provided by the SCFHS. E-services provided by the Mumaris system are as follow.  Renewal of Registration/classification card: Card Classification and card registration renewal service is now available online but available for those Practitioners only who had their previous professional classification and registration done.

They can use their registration number to get information about the services.  Extension of validity of Registration card is basically for those who already have professional classification and registration.  Replacement of Lost Card is also for those practitioners who are already classified and registered in the SCFHS. Already classified and registered practitioners are easily allowed to file a request for professional registration and card replacement by stating the valid reason of card loss. However, to make a new Mumaris account, everyone needs to go through some steps.

The first step is to visit the official website for Mumaris service portal account. The second step is of language translation. This is for those who for example don’t understand the Arabic Language, there is a language change option available on the upper left corner of the website.[irp]

If you are a new practitioner and want to register for the first time, click on the “Practitioner New Account”.

The fourth step is to answer the required questions and then enter the registration and classification Number which the practitioner already has.

Fifth and the last step is to fill a new form which will have several fields open. For a new account registration, the practitioner should select new registration and then enter all the required details. When entering the required information, keep in mind that the entered details should be the one stated on documents.

 After you are done with the above steps, click on submit to successfully update new account approval and access to services.

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