My Brother fought cancer with a smile till the day he died

Hamza Iskandar, a 25-year-old young Saudi fought cancer with bravery. He, in fact, got cured of cancer but died due to bronchitis relate complications. When he got last admitted to hospital he was suffering from pneumonia.

The young fighter was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent two surgeries at ages 6 and 12.  Nothing could beat his strength and hopefulness. So much so that when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, he did not lose hope and encountered it with a smile.

From a Cancer Patient to a Warrior: The fearless warrior started a social media campaign, “I am fighting cancer with a smile.” He became a source of motivation for other cancer patients. He spread hope and positivity through his motivational speeches.

Hamza has been awarded trophies for his cancer-fighting campaign. The brave Saudi youth died.

Hanaa IskandarHis sister Hanaa was suffering from the Cancer when Hamza left the world. Later on, she also passed away. She was, unfortunately, suffering from sarcoma. Sarcoma is a cancerous tumor of connective or other non-epithelial tissue.

The 24-year-old Hanaa was motivated by her brother to fight cancer with a smile.  Hanaa wanted to be as dauntless as her brother. Hamza has set an example for her. His smile was a message that no pain is greater than one’s own strength.

Hanaa often visited Hamza’s room and goes through his stuff.  He might have gone from the world, but his memories will stay forever.

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It’s not easy to go through the cancer trauma for five years and then an emotional trauma of losing someone forever. Losing a son, a month ago and then going through the same from the start for a daughter: who says it’s over and who believes it to be easy?

Hanaa took four chemotherapy sessions from the United States. Then on her return to Saudi Arabia, she must continue the treatment of cancer by taking medicines as a substitute for chemotherapy.

3459 My Brother fought cancer with a smile till the time he died

Hanaa has to take Lartruvo, a new medicine, as a substitute for chemotherapy. Lartuvo has been granted enhanced approval by US Food and Drug Administration and this medicine is only available in Texas’s hospitals. This will make her the very first Saudi woman ever who has taken this treatment.

An Example of Bravery: May God protect all our men and women from such illness and pain. The two young siblings have set an exceptional example of bravery. Both siblings left the world going through the pain of cancer but with the smiles on their aces.

I salute to the valor of the family. It is not easy to lose your son and daughter. The family was hopeful, they were waiting for a miracle to happen till the last day.

Source: Arab News

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