3 cases which allow Saudi Citizens to travel to Thailand

Thailand and Saudi Arabia are the two native Kingdoms that stayed alive after the European colonialism of the 19th century and the Cold War disturbance of the 20th century.

On the other hand, the two countries hardly have official relations because there was an incident in the late 1980s which involved theft and murder. Do you know Why Saudis are not allowed to visit Thailand?

Blue Diamond Affair

Saudis are banned to travel to Thailand by the Saudi Government. Saudi Arabia kept restriction on traveling to Thailand because of the “blue diamond affair” of 1989. The story starts in 1989; a Thai gardener was working in Saudi Arabia at the palace of the Crown Prince.

He took chance to take 100 KG of gold jewelry, including a unique blue diamond, across the border by hiding them in a crate of apples and transferring them to Thailand. Soon afterward, he came back to Thailand and collected his jewelry and hid it in his house in Northern Thailand with the target to sell them.

The Saudi government caught the case of robbery after he left the Kingdom. The Thai police caught him with the help of information provided by the Saudi government. They promised to give back the stolen things and the case was closed then.

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3 Saudi representatives were murdered in Bangkok

Later on, three representatives of Saudi Arabia were murdered in Bangkok in execution-style in two unlike attacks on the same night, and after two days of those murders, a Saudi entrepreneur was murdered.

In the year before the restriction was imposed, 77,782 Saudi nationals traveled to Thailand, according to Thai media. People largely believe that all Saudis are banned to travel to Thailand. However, there are some cases in which Saudis can easily visit Thailand.

1-Saudis can visit Thailand to meet their Thai Family Members

If a Saudi is wedded to a Thai lady and if he presents all the documents which prove his marriage, he is allowed to visit Thailand. Obviously, the Saudi Government cannot stop them from visiting their in-laws. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Thailand Visit Visa

2-Saudis can visit Thailand for the Medical Treatment

If a person has a disease or health issues which can be treated by Thailand hospital or medical centers, then in such case he can travel to Thailand. The health ministry of Saudi Arabia will provide a medical report to the ministry of Thailand along with the details of the patient.

3-Saudis can visit Thailand on Transit

Those passengers who can prove that they are visiting Thailand only due to transit purpose of 24 to 72 hours are allowed. Official confirmation should be provided to the airport department that he/she visited due to transit in Thailand.

Source: Gulf News