A 40 years old woman dies after giving birth to 69 children

A desire to have kids: After marriage, every woman has a strong desire to have kids to make their life colorful and call her mother. Some of them out there hold the perception that conceiving and raising one child is good enough and a challenging task itself. While some of the mothers can raise four to eight children nicely.

Nursing of children in the best possible way requires much attention and time of mothers. Planning to have so many kids depends upon several factors in which age factor of women holds a strong position.

The fertility rate is strongly associated with the age of a woman which means the age of a woman affects her fertility.  It is well said that age is never a barrier or hurdle to achieving anything but when it comes to having a healthy baby, increasing age of women serves as a barrier.

Age of a woman is the single most important element which affects her fertility. Women in their 20's possess strong possibility and chances of getting pregnant and have more babies. However, older women who are crossing or are above 35 years have lesser chances to conceive.

Certain complications are expected at such an age which includes the risk of death and sometimes the baby might suffer from birth defects or genetic disorders. Miscarriages are also noticed sometimes. Besides this, no woman would ever wish or imagine having her kids in a figure of 50s.

She gave birth to 69 babies: Surprisingly still, there was a woman who set a world record by giving birth to sixty-nine babies. This woman, who gave birth to 69 babies, was from Palestine. She is reported as one of the most fertile women in the world.

According to a leading Saudi news channel in the Kingdom, it was reported that this most fertile Palestinian woman passed away at the age of 40 while giving birth. Her husband confirmed this news that his wife departed.

3453 A 40 years old woman dies after giving birth to 69 children 02

According to the Guinness World Records, this is not the first woman to be recorded as being the mother of so many offspring at a time. Just a little more research will take you back in history where a Russian woman was highlighted named, Mrs. Vassilyeva, wife of Feodor Vassilyev, between 1725 and 1765. Mrs. Vassileya had given birth to 69 children in 27 confinements.

The Information available related to that Russian woman on different search engines and websites indicates that she had given birth to 16 pairs of twins which included four sets of quadruplets and seven sets of triplets. 

3453 A 40 years old woman dies after giving birth to 69 children

3 Years Gap: The consultant gynecologist states that the mothers should take a gap of around three years after the first birth. This is actually a preventive step which every woman should consider after her first pregnancy and plan at least a three-year gap after the first baby.

Such a few precautionary steps may reduce the risk of complications faced by pregnant women and would increase more chances to have a healthy baby. Instead of making records by giving multiple births and putting lives at risk, our first priority and concern should be the mother’s health.

Source: Khaleej Times