Students set Principal’s Car on Fire after being caught with Banned substance

The role of a Principal in a School: We all know that Teaching is the noblest and most respectable profession ever considered in any society. Playing the Principal’s role is highly tough and a challenging job as this profession needs skills in which patience and sound tolerance level is the most important and basic element required all the time during carrying out the responsibilities of a Principal.

Principals possess a unique position in a managerial manner who can balance each, student and school affairs effectively and deal with every kind of issue by considering every aspect of the matter. The Principal is accountable and responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the school.

Sometimes Principals punish for the betterment of Students: The Principal is also comprehensible for managing business tasks and daily services of the school. They cover a wide variety of tasks which is the demand of their profession in which they play the role of a manager, instructional leader, power management, performance indicator, responsible for all school matters, a good listener, and a great relationship manager.

Sometimes, the Principal take effective possible steps for the betterment of their students by giving them punishment per the situation.

Some students were caught with banned content in their mobiles: There is an incident reported in Saudi Arabia about students who were aged around 16 and 17 years. The Principal caught the students red-handed carrying banned substances and cell phones within the school premises.

They were accused by the high school principal in Saudi Arabia. The reason as to why the high school Principal charged against the four students was because these students set the Principal’s car to fire.

Students set the car of the Principal on Fire: Huzam -Al –Amri, the high school Principal, stated that he just went into shock when he saw his car burning. Such unexpected incidents clearly specify that there is a man-made mistake. 

The Principal also added by reporting the incident to the daily newspaper that the group of four students was puzzled and disturbed when they were found guilty by the administration staff for bringing their cell phones and prohibited substances into the school premises, perhaps which is why they did this.

3439 Students set Principal’s Car on Fire after being caught with Banned substance

The students were absent from the school: When the car burning incident occurred, these four were absent and did not come to the school that day. He did not just lose his car but also lost some important documents which were completely burned.

The documents included his house ownership certificate and a Payment cheque for the company who was running the cafeteria in school. The Principal said that he has full authority to take legal action against those who burnt his car as this is a criminal act and torching him by targeting his close things. The principal’s car worth was approximately 160,000 Saudi Riyals.

The Saudi Police has taken an immediate action: Rouaij Al Salmi who is the vice principal of the school, also reported that some unknown attacker burnt the school wires which resulted in power failure for three consecutive days. He also quoted that another fire incident took place in the school within the same week.

Therefore, the police detained these four students which were a part of the investigation in the case. According to the Principal, this kind of criminal acts occurs due to the negligence of parents and families who don’t look after their children in a better way.

Source: Gulf News