Rania Nashar, the first female CEO of any Saudi Commercial Bank

Women empowerment, no doubt, has economic and social significance. The world has realized that women can significantly contribute towards the success of a nation.

Women around the globe have proven that given the skills and opportunity, they can come up with similar or even better results than men.  Women have made their mark in sectors which were considered male-oriented.

Women Empowerment in Saudi Arabia: The world reckons Saudi Arabia as a male-dominant society where women are not given an equal opportunity. This does not give a positive view of Saudi Arabia out in the world.

During the past few years, a wave of women empowerment has been seen. To make the economy more efficient and less vulnerable towards oil price shocks, the government has taken up some radical steps. The most important one is female empowerment.

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Women taking maintenance jobs: The government aims at boosting up the female workforce percentage from the current 22% to 30% in upcoming years. In 2014, Saudi females took up maintenance jobs at Princess Nourah University with pride and passion. They were joyful even over blue collar job as it allowed them to serve their society. 

Sarah al-Suhaimi broke all the gender-stereotypes when she became the first female chair of the Saudi stock exchange. She embraced the title of being the first female chief executive of an investment bank in 2014.

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Right to Vote: In 2015 Arabian females were not only given the right to vote but also were given the opportunity to become representatives in municipal elections. This was by far encouraged by United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

However, 2017 was the brightest year for our females. The year started with women coining their victory. Royal decree to allow women to drive was also issued in 2017.

Rania Nashar is another shining star of our nation. She took up the title of the first Saudi female CEO of a Saudi commercial bank. She became the chief executive of Samba financial group on February 19, 2017, after the resignation of Mr. Sajjad Razvi. 

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Samba is a limited liability organization and is Saudi Arabia’s third largest bank on the basis of assets. It is one of the commercial banks that are in consonance with Saudi social and economic reforms and policies.

Rania Nashar with 20 years of banking experience: Rania Nashar has been devoting services in the banking sector for about 20 years.  She has served in several executive positions within Samba and is a board member for Samba Bank Limited in Pakistan and Samba Global Markets Limited Company.

Nashar was also the first Saudi female to be a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) in the USA. 

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Surely women can fly as high as men. Rania Nashar and Sarah al-Suhaimi have proven it to the nation. We must not deem women unimportant. They are the most precious asset which must be valued.

Source. Saudi Gazette

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