WhatsApp’s new feature will tell your boss and wife where you are

WhatsApp, the most used social networking App: With every passing day, there are new social media sites or social apps with the latest technology introduced in the market which makes people closer and connected.

Now, there are a variety of social networking apps with different storage capacities introduced such as Facebook Instagram, snap chat, WhatsApp, Viber and many more social networking apps which create a pool of network among people from one end to another of the world, no matter where we live.

Recently, WhatsApp is counted as the most used social networking app which makes easier for us to stay connected anytime anywhere.

WhatsApp – a revolution: With the help of WhatsApp, we can keep in touch with numerous people at a time such as family, friends, students, teachers and much more.

Even, we can do group chats of up to 256 people in WhatsApp at a time by sharing messages, pictures, documents, videos and make a video call, do customized changes, mute conversations and daily updated new profile pictures. So, it's good to call WhatsApp as an Instant messaging app.

WhatsApp protects the private information of the user: Although WhatsApp takes care of their user's privacy so we can always protect our private information such as profile pictures. We can get instantly updated information about natural disasters or mishaps happening around our surroundings.

One of the best things is the current version of WhatsApp which has end-to-end encryption and makes it more secured preventing it from falling into the wrong minds.

Now WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature which can locate the location or track the live place which means where we are standing at a given moment. The feature is considered as live streaming which mentions the place of our friends in the real time. According to the WABetaInfo account on Twitter which is responsible for leaking any update or latest information related to WhatsApp specifies that the new WhatsApp feature will work on WhatsApp beta version for iOS, 2.16.399 on Android but it is disabled until enabled.

The news reported by phonearena.com stated that this tracking can go on for about 1 minute, 5 minutes and more. PhoneArena is the best prime website for getting latest information and full specifications of new phones This feature comes with a practical approach such as if we have made any plan for getting together at a certain place, this feature is very helpful which shows live location to everyone in the group as how far we are away from the required destination.[irp]

The Live Location Tracking automatically is disabled by default, which means that WhatsApp needs to be activated again when it is ready to be started. In last year December, WhatsApp added the feature and made changes in sending messages by a beta version testing. This feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta which is the latest version, iOS WhatsApp is now available in more than 50 different languages globally. Almost 100 million calls can be made daily by the help of WhatsApp throughout the world.

Source: Khaleej Times