Gold Baby Bottles along with Gold Pacifier are available in Markets for SR 8,000

In Al-Ahsa, the news is viral on social media that baby bottles are now introduced with covers made of 18 karat gold, which is noticed in some gold shops. The price for each bottle is more than SR 5,000, and the price of a gold pacifier is SR 3,000. These pictures circulating on social media are challenging in these hard-economic conditions which the world is facing and the Kingdom as stated by many twitter users. This is a new way to impress and waste money. Mohammad Al-Baddah commented that a child does not want a gold bottle, it is useless for them and it does not contain any flavor or energy if it was made of gold or any material.[irp]

The gold shop holders have introduced this fashion of giving a gold bottle as a gift to the parents of the newborn baby, which is basically harmful to the community and purely show off. Many people are against this fashion and asked the government to stop this kind of provoking practices. In old times, people used to give a formal dinner on having a newborn baby. But with time, people disapproved these dinner practices because it was a waste of money which crossed all the limits. Now after a long peaceful period, these pictures of gold bottles are causing more harm to the community, said by the Sociologist Mohammad Baqir Al-Ebied.

Further Al-Ebied said that celebration on account of a baby’s birth is very costly in Gulf countries. It generally costs SR 20,000 but sometimes it even crosses this figure. Many women go to high standard hospitals for their case which is costly, just to deliver a baby. According to Gold merchant Fawzi Mohammad Al-Baqshi, this fashion is not an odd thing. This tradition is in existence for more than five decades. Gold bottles and pacifiers are given as a token of love to newborn babies especially if a pair has a baby after waiting for so many years, or if a mother wants to spoil her newborn baby. He also said that everyone can buy these gold pacifiers because it is not of high value.

Al-Baqshi said that these gold bottles can be used as a benefit just like we use the other gold items. Anyone can buy this from an investment point of view. Mothers can sell them when the price of gold reach to a maximum level. Many people are using these kinds of products as a status symbol. He said that he is against the pictures especially the one covered with diamonds which are posted on social media.[irp]

Gold merchant, Munier Al-Baqshi, explained that they are making these pacifiers for more than five decades and they are making according to the demand and wish of customers.  The pacifiers were cheap previously because in early times these products were sold for not more than SR 450 when a single gram of gold cost for SR30. But now it has reached to SR200, he said. Al-Baqshi said that these are manufactured to draw the attention of high society people.

Source: Arab News

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