SR 75 Compensation to every residential consumer for Electricity Cut

Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority’s (ECRA) main objective is to regulate the electricity and water supply system in the most efficient and systematic way by making sure of providing adequate and good quality water with reliable services to consumers at reasonable prices. For the comfort of the consumers, Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) has released new regulations. The new regulations are going to be implemented from the year 2018. The new regulations are basically for electricity suppliers or providers who can make it an easy and smooth approach for every consumer which is affected and influenced by electricity cuts or power failures.[irp]

Abdullah Al-Shihry, who is the Governor of Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA), passed the new regulation order. The order’s basic purpose is to provide comfort to consumers and to make a good cooperative relation between electricity consumers and producers. In the case of any power cut, electric failure or power failure which may be for a long term or short period, the residential consumers must be compensated with SR75 for after every 24 hours of electricity cut and non-residential consumers with SR150.  According to the given order, Electric service supplier should restore electricity within five working days and if electricity does not restore within the specified time, there will be a penalty imposed of additional SR20 on every five working days of delay.

Consumers who are availing connection of electricity for the first time should be provided within forty working days. If new consumers do not get electricity within forty working days, the electricity provider will be charged SR200 for residential consumers while SR400 for non-residential consumers as a penalty.  If power failure continues for more than 24 hours, an additional amount which is about SR75 needs to be paid to the consumer which is charged according to every 12-hour delay.

If payment of electricity bill is not made on time, the electric supply must be disconnected. It should be restored within three working hours after the payment and clearance of dues in urban areas whereas electricity needs to be restored within five working hours in rural and semi-urban areas.  If restoration of electricity takes time, SR75 will be fined on electricity provider which will increase for every three hours of delay.[irp]

The electricity provider must release short notice to consumers beforehand in case of electricity disconnection and if there was a notice in advance, the provider would be fined SR 75. The electricity provider must do full cooperation and immediately respond to all consumer inquiries in details within 15 working days. If the response is not given within specific time, the electricity provider must pay a fine of about SR75 to the consumer.  If a consumer suffers electricity cuts, more than four times in a year and each cut exceeds more than four hours, then the consumer gets a compensatory amount of SR200.     

Source: Saudi Gazette