SR 500 fine for Broken Glass of Cars in Saudi Arabia

You might have noticed that sometimes there are some cars that may have a broken window or glass which has been temporarily fixed with the help of transparent plastic sheet put in the place of the glass. Another thing which you might have noticed is that this seemingly temporary solution can also be left on the car for years, or until it naturally wears off.

The Makkah Traffic Department has commented on the issue, via their official spokesman, Colonel Fawzi Al Ansari. Colonel Al Ansari has stated that any and all modifications are done on the car will be considered a direct violation of the traffic laws, rules, and regulations.

The Broken Glass in the Car is a traffic violation

These modifications will be a violation especially more so if the broken glass in the car has not been replaced by a new glass and has been simply covered up with a transparent plastic sheet. That has now become a popular quick fix amongst the motorists, who do not want to spend the time, effort or money in getting their car fixed.

In accordance to the spokesman Colonel Al Ansari, those motorists found covering up their vehicle’s broken glass with a piece of clear plastic sheet, instead of getting it replaced, will be charged with a monetary fine of SAR 500 and the Makkah Traffic Department will be impounding the car for a period of one week. Recommended: List of Traffic Fines in Saudi Arabia

3414 SR 500 fine for Broken Glass of Vehicles in Saudi Arabia

Why is the fine imposed?

The fine imposed by the Makkah Traffic Department has been based upon the assumption that such improper modifications are nothing but temporary solutions which cause an increase in the risk of traffic accidents occurring on the road.

Personally, I believe that motorists themselves should not be doing such modifications or quick fixes on their car, and instead should invest some time, money and effort and have the broken glass replaced. Most of us who have been on the streets in the Kingdom know how common accidents truly are.

Clear plastic sheets or any other similar concoction, covering up broken glass should only be used as a temporary solution such as being an overnight fix so that nobody can get into your car through that broken glass during the night and then in the morning you can give the car to the auto workshop to be repaired.

Different people have different views about the issue; some think it is fair, some think it is not. What are your thoughts on the issue, please let us know?

Source: Motory

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