What are the different Landmarks Printed on Saudi Currency Notes?

You can see different locations pictured on the back of the Saudi Riyals, below are what each one of those locations is. You will be amazed to know that some of these landmarks are not even situated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

1 Riyal – SAMA HEAD QUARTERS BUILDING: Before the creation of the Saudi Monetary Agency, the Saudi Hollandi Bank, which was a branch of the Netherlands Trading Society acted as the de facto central bank of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Monetary Agency was established in 1952 and currently is the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5 Riyal – RAS TANORAH TANKER LOADING TERMINAL, JUBAYL PORT IN THE EASTERN REGION: Ras Tanorah can be applied to both a gated employee compounds for the Saudi Aramco employees and to an industrial area (shown in the currency) which is located on the peninsula which serves as an oil port and oil operation center for the Saudi Aramco.[irp]

10 Riyal – KING ABDUL AZIZ HISTORICAL CENTER, RIYADH: The King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre is the name of a region located in Riyadh, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The actual historic center or part of the city is towards the south towards Masmak fort as well as the Friday Mosque located in the Dira district of Riyadh. It was originally the Murabba Palace which was built in 1936 by King Abdul Aziz around one and a half kilometers towards the northern part of the old city. It was not located within the city walls which existed back then.

50 Riyal – AL AQSA MOSQUE, JERUSALEM: The Al Aqsa Mosque which is also known as Bayt Al Muqaddas is the third holiest site in the religion of Islam and it is located in the Old City area of Jerusalem. While the entire area where the silver domed mosque stands along with the Dome of the Rock, four minarets and the Seventeen Gates, all combined were originally known as Al Aqsa Mosque. Today the Al Aqsa Mosque defines a much narrower definition. The wider compound surrounding the Al Aqsa Mosque is now generally referred to.

100 Riyal THE PROPHETS MOSQUE IN MADINA AL MONAWARAH: The Masjid Al Nabawi or the Prophet’s Mosque is in Madinah and had been originally built and established by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). The Prophet’s Mosque was the second ever mosque built in the history of Islamic religion and is also now one of the largest mosques in the entire world.

500 Riyal HOLY MOSQUE IN MAKKA AL MUKARRAMAH: The Masjid Al Haram, also known as the Holy Mosque, Grand Mosque, Sacred Mosque and the Great Mosque of Makkah is the largest mosque on earth and is surrounding the holiest place in the Islamic religion, the Holy Kaaba. The Muslims around the world face in the direction of the Holy Kaaba to pray their daily obligatory prayers. Millions of Muslims from around the world make a pilgrimage to this Holy site every year as part of the Annual Hajj Pilgrimage.