10 Common Mistakes committed during the performance of Salah

Muslims all over the world pray 5 times a day facing Kabah (Qibla). It is a fard for them. There are certain positions and steps to offer Salah properly which were mentioned by our Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) during his time. Many of us have forgotten the correct way to offer Salah. These mistakes can also be since so many years have passed and alterations are made by people themselves. Here we are mentioning few common mistakes made by us all unintentionally. There are several mistakes made which would nullify the prayer. Others do the disliked acts prohibited by Allah, therefore, you should be careful to not commit such violations to preserve your completeness of prayer. May Allah accept our ibadat.[irp]

1-Not standing upright: This usually happens when a person is in a hurry and want to join the raka’ with Imam. They just bow down directly (ruku) after saying Takbeer while the Imam is in Ruku state. This is a wrong way to start the prayer. You need to say Takbeer and stand upright for a moment, with your back straight and then bow down. It is important to mention here that standing straight is one of the Fard of Salah and not performing it invalidates the Salah. Recommended: 6 Fard Acts during Salah omission of which invalidates the Salah

2-Sometimes people don’t have the tranquility during offering Salah. They just move at the crowd’s speed while standing upright and bowing down to just perform the act. You should not bow down early to follow others and neglect the necessary and required duas to be recited. Failing to maintain tranquility could result in rejection of your Salah and not obeying Allah. It will be like a person who did not pray at all because Prophet Ali A.S said to a man who prayed in this manner which means, “Go and Pray again because you did not Pray.”

3-Some people say the initial Takbeer while standing alone in a row. Prophet S.A.W said, which means, “The one who prays alone in a row, is not accepted.” However, if you have a legit reason to be not able to find someone to pray with you and you fear to miss the prayer while waiting, then only you can pray alone and your prayer will be correct.

4-Some people race the Imam, which is completely a sin. If you say “Ameen” before the Imam, you will miss a great reward. Because Allah forgives the previous sins when one says Ameen with the angels and the angels say it after the Imam.

5-Some people do not recite properly in Salah. They neither move their lips nor tongues while reciting Quran. This is not considered recitation.

6-Some people bow incorrectly, in a position midway between standing upright and bowing completely. The back and head should be leveled throughout the Rukoo’h.

7-Some people do not prostrate (sujood) properly for example, with feet off the floor or placing one foot over the other.

8-Some people place arms on the floor during Sujood resembling a sitting dog. The arms should be away lifted from the body such that the armpits can be seen. This can be ignored if you are praying in a congested place to avoid discomforting others.[irp]

9-Leaning against the wall or a pillar during standing in a prayer such that if the pillar is removed, they would collapse on the floor is not correct. This means you are not standing upright.

10-Not placing nose tightly on the ground during sujood is a mistake as well.

11-Inattentive during the prayer and not aware of what was recited because you were thinking something else is incorrect. Wandering eyes here and there while in Salah is a mistake.

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